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** $Id: lpvm.h,v 1.2 2013/04/03 20:37:18 roberto Exp $
#if !defined(lpvm_h)
#define lpvm_h
#include "lpcap.h"
/* Virtual Machine's instructions */
typedef enum Opcode {
IAny, /* if no char, fail */
IChar, /* if char != aux, fail */
ISet, /* if char not in buff, fail */
ITestAny, /* in no char, jump to 'offset' */
ITestChar, /* if char != aux, jump to 'offset' */
ITestSet, /* if char not in buff, jump to 'offset' */
ISpan, /* read a span of chars in buff */
IBehind, /* walk back 'aux' characters (fail if not possible) */
IRet, /* return from a rule */
IEnd, /* end of pattern */
IChoice, /* stack a choice; next fail will jump to 'offset' */
IJmp, /* jump to 'offset' */
ICall, /* call rule at 'offset' */
IOpenCall, /* call rule number 'key' (must be closed to a ICall) */
ICommit, /* pop choice and jump to 'offset' */
IPartialCommit, /* update top choice to current position and jump */
IBackCommit, /* "fails" but jump to its own 'offset' */
IFailTwice, /* pop one choice and then fail */
IFail, /* go back to saved state on choice and jump to saved offset */
IGiveup, /* internal use */
IFullCapture, /* complete capture of last 'off' chars */
IOpenCapture, /* start a capture */
} Opcode;
typedef union Instruction {
struct Inst {
byte code;
byte aux;
short key;
} i;
int offset;
byte buff[1];
} Instruction;
int getposition (lua_State *L, int t, int i);
void printpatt (Instruction *p, int n);
const char *match (lua_State *L, const char *o, const char *s, const char *e,
Instruction *op, Capture *capture, int ptop);
int verify (lua_State *L, Instruction *op, const Instruction *p,
Instruction *e, int postable, int rule);
void checkrule (lua_State *L, Instruction *op, int from, int to,
int postable, int rule);
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