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2010-07-06 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lonig.c: casts to suppress compiler warnings.
2010-07-05 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre_f.c: added flags up to PCRE version 8.10.
2010-01-19 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* several files: luaL_typerror renamed to luaL_typeerror (as in Lua 5.2).
* common.h: added a macro for handling luaL_typeerror and luaL_typerror.
2009-11-29 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* ltre.c: changes to adapt to TRE 0.8
1) #include <tre/tre.h> (was: <tre/regex.h>).
2) added tre_ prefix to all TRE functions.
2009-11-08 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre_f.c: added flags up to PCRE version 8.00.
2008-08-04 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* onig.c: making 'locale' and 'syntax' case sensitive again.
* onig_f.c: enclose all flags definitions into #ifdef's.
2008-07-30 Reuben Thomas <>
* Fixes in make files and docs. Testing on Linux.
2008-07-30 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* Place each binding in separate directory:
src/posix, src/pcre, src/tre, src/oniguruma.
2008-07-27 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* Initial binding of Oniguruma library.
2008-06-22 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* test/luatest.lua: a fix; did not work with 'strict'.
2008-06-14 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* algo.h: [API extension; suggested by Reuben Thomas]
all functions receiving string-type regex accept a compiled regex too.
If this is the case, cf and lo arguments are ignored (should be
either supplied as nils or omitted).
* algo.h: update version string to "Lrexlib 2.4.0".
2008-05-09 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre_f.c: added new flag from PCRE-7.7.
2008-03-28 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* algo.h, lpcre.h, lposix.h, ltre.h: add two new methods (find and match).
* algo.h: rename functions:
checkarg_tfind --> checkarg_find_method;
generic_tfind --> generic_find_method;
checkarg_find_f --> checkarg_find_func;
generic_find --> generic_find_func;
2008-03-25 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* algo.h (plainfind_func): optimize for speed.
* algo.h (plainfind_func): treat empty patterns as valid.
* test/common_sets.lua (set_f_plainfind): add tests with empty patterns.
2008-01-12 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* test/luatest.lua: refactoring.
2007-12-27 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* test/runtest.lua: add new command-line switch -d<directory> that
will prepend <directory> to package.cpath.
* Makefile: add -d../src to testing commands, for testing the freshly built
libraries rather than the installed ones.
2007-12-25 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* test/common_sets.lua, test/spencer_sets.lua, test/pcre_sets.lua,
move tests with NULs in subject from common_sets.lua into other set
2007-12-19 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* Makefile: [fix] remove TRE-related parts (reported by Christian Wiese).
* Makefile: separate PCRE and POSIX targets (suggested by Hisham Muhammad).
* src/common.mak: express "ld" and "-shared" via variables (suggested by
Hisham Muhammad).
* src/algo.h: update version string to "Lrexlib 2.2.2".
2007-11-09 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* 4 source files: refactoring (ALG_GETCFLAGS redefined).
2007-10-25 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* algo.h: version string updated to "Lrexlib 2.2.1".
2007-09-25 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre_f.c: added new flags from PCRE-7.4.
2007-09-20 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* algo.h (generic_tfind): bugfix.
* common_sets.lua (set_m_exec): one test added.
2007-08-29 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre_f.c: added new flags from PCRE-7.3.
2007-06-10 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* makefiles for Windows/MinGW:
* .a files are not needed anymore
* added test and install targets
2007-06-08 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* algo_t.h: file removed; its contents moved to common.h.
2007-05-03 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c (settables): removed API function.
2007-05-02 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* algo_t.h: new file added, for making struct definitions visible to
the file parts lying above the line #include algo.h.
* lpcre.c: [API extension]: cflags may be specified by a string.
2007-04-30 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c (REX_OPENLIB, OPTLOCALE, compile_regex): bugfix: "tables"
userdata could be garbage-collected before the "regex" userdata
that was using it.
* lpcre_f.c: added a new flag from PCRE-7.1.
2007-04-21 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* test/luatest.lua (eq): no more relying on tostring producing unique
strings for different tables.
2007-04-20 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* ltre.c (get_int_field, set_int_field): moved to common.c.
2007-04-19 Reuben Thomas <>
* Add build system support for TRE on POSIX systems.
2007-04-18 Reuben Thomas <>
* lpcre.c, lposix.c, ltre.c, algo.h: Fix some compiler warnings.
2007-04-17 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* <all source files>: the metatable for regex userdata is the C-functions
environment (not kept in the lua_State registry anymore).
* lpcre.c: the metatable for 'pcre_tables' userdata is kept at index 1
of the C-functions environment.
2007-04-14 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.h (maketables): new API function (PCRE only).
2007-04-13 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* algo.h (gmatch_iter, split_iter): bugfix: was improper detection
of a "no advance" situation.
* algo.h (split_iter): bugfix: if the subject ends with a separator,
there must be an additional pass giving an empty section.
* test/common_sets.lua: test results adjusted for bugfix in 'split'.
* test/pcre_sets.lua: gmatch tests added (testing "retry" feature).
2007-04-12 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* algo.h, lpcre.c (USE_RETRY): new macro. Changed gsub and gmatch
behavior under PCRE when a "no advance" situation occurs.
* test/pcre_sets2.lua: test results adjusted for the change in gsub
2007-04-11 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c (settables): new API function (PCRE only).
* test/pcre_sets.lua: locale tests added.
2007-03-19 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* algo.h, lpcre.c, lposix.c, ltre.c: improved userdata check
(detects bad userdata error prior to calling methods;
prevents crashes).
2007-03-10 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* algo.h: many functions added.
* lpcre.c, lposix.c, ltre.c: many functions removed.
2007-03-09 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* algo.h: new file added -- to contain the code of common algorithms.
* It is, in fact, a C-file.
* gsub, match, find: functions added
* lpcre.c, lposix.c, ltre.c (gsub, match, find): functions removed.
2007-03-07 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lposix.c (REX_NSUB_BASE1): macro added, to facilitate building for
Tom Lord's library.
2007-03-06 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lposix.c, ltre.c (gmatch, split, gsub): bugfixes:
incorrect processing of patterns anchored at the beginning.
Was cured that way: if (offset > 0) eflags |= REG_NOTBOL;
* test/common_sets.lua: test cases added.
2007-03-05 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c (gsub): bugfix:
Test: { {"abcd", "\\b", "%1"}, {"abcd", 2, 2} }.
* test/pcre_sets2.lua: a test case added.
2007-03-03 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c, lposix.c, ltre.c (gsub): [API change]:
gsub returns 3 values; the 3-rd is number of replacements made.
* test/*.lua: corrected tests for gsub (after API change).
2007-03-02 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* test/common_sets.lua: added new tests for gsub (after API change).
2007-03-01 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c, lposix.c, ltre.c (gsub): [API change]:
a) 2-nd return of rep() is ignored --> API-compatible with string.gsub
b) argument `n' can be a function --> API extension wrt string.gsub
* common.h (REX_VERSION): updated to "2.2.0 beta".
2007-02-23 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c, lpcre_f.c:
* added #ifdef's to do named subpatterns only if PCRE_MAJOR >= 4,
otherwise it wouldn't compile for PCRE 3.x [bugreport by Zhao Zhiguo].
* same #ifdef for Lpcre_config function.
2007-02-20 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* ltre.c (aexec, atfind, have_backrefs, have_approx): new methods.
aexec --> exec + approximate matching;
atfind --> tfind + approximate matching;
have_backrefs --> binding of tre_have_backrefs;
have_approx --> binding of tre_have_approx;
2007-02-18 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* ltre.c: all uses of regexec replaced by regnexec.
* test/common_sets.lua: added tests with nuls in the subject.
2007-02-17 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* ltre.c: new file added (started the binding of the TRE regex library).
* test/posix_sets.lua: added tests with nuls in the subject or/and
the pattern.
2007-02-12 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* all sources (match, find, tfind, exec, dfa_exec): [API change]
in case of ordinary non-match, only a nil is returned;
other non-match cases generate an error.
* test suite and the manual: updated to reflect the above API change.
* all sources (gmatch, split, gsub): [bugfix]
if during repeated matching pcre_exec/regexec returns a value that
means neither match nor no-match, then an error is generated.
* common.h (REX_VERSION): updated to "2.1.0".
2007-01-29 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lposix.c (checkarg_find_f): [bugfix] incorrect default for eflags.
* lposix.c (generic_find): [bugfix] dereferencing uninitialized pointer.
* common.h (REX_VERSION): updated to "2.0.2".
2007-01-27 Reuben Thomas <>
* lpcre.c, lposix.c (gsub): [bugfix]
- it was incorrectly assumed that the value on Lua stack was a string;
- luaL_error was used where lua_error was more appropriate;
2007-01-18 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c (gsub): [API change undone].
* all source files: refactoring.
2007-01-14 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c (gsub): [API change]:
a) 2-nd return of rep() is ignored --> API-compatible with string.gsub
b) argument `n' can be a function --> API extension wrt string.gsub
2007-01-13 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c, lposix.c: refactoring.
* common.c, common.h: refactoring.
* common.h (REX_VERSION): a new #define.
* lpcre.c, lposix.c (REX_OPENLIB): using REX_VERSION.
2007-01-12 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* common.h, common.c: a nasty bug fixed.
* lpcre.c, lposix.c: version updated to 2.0.1.
2007-01-10 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c, lposix.c: refactoring.
2007-01-08 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c, lposix.c: refactoring.
2007-01-04 Reuben Thomas <>
* Add a top-level Makefile with all, clean and test targets.
* Split src/*.mak common parts into src/common.mak.
2007-01-04 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c (Lpcre_gsub): unnecessary (though harmless) assignment removed.
* test/runtest.lua: extended the command-line interface.
* most files: the copyright notice changed to reference LICENSE file.
2007-01-02 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* common.c (CheckFunction, OptFunction): functions removed.
* lpcre.c (put_integer): function removed.
2006-12-31 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* common.c (udata_tostring): function removed.
* lpcre.c (Lpcre_tostring): added handling of deleted userdatum.
* lposix.c (Posix_tostring): added handling of deleted userdatum.
* lpcre.c: [API change] method `exec' now supports "named subpatterns".
* test/all_test.lua: renamed to runtest.lua.
2006-12-30 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c: [API change] `versionPCRE' renamed to `version'.
2006-12-29 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c: [API change] removed support of PCRE callout.
* test/pcre_sets.lua: removed testing of PCRE callout.
2006-12-27 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre_f.c (config): [API change] the function accepts one optional
argument (a table), like the `flags' function.
2006-12-26 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c, lposix.c (gsub): [API change] method become function.
* test/*.lua: modifying tests to reflect methods become functions.
* lua/rex.lua: file deleted.
* lpcre.c (luaopen_rex_pcre): changed the condition for validating
run-time PCRE version.
* lpcre_f.c: added new flags for support of PCRE 7.0.
* lpcre.c, lposix.c (checkarg_gsub): if the 3-rd argument is of type
"number" then it is converted to string (as in string.gsub).
2006-12-25 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c, lposix.c (match, find, gmatch, split): [API change]
methods become functions.
2006-12-23 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* test/*.lua: refactoring.
2006-12-22 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c, lposix.c (tfind and exec): [API change]
the return value of the underlying pcre_exec/regexec call
is not added in the case of successfull match.
* lpcre.c, lposix.c (gtfind): [API change] method removed.
* lpcre.c, lposix.c: Lrexlib 2.0 beta -> Lrexlib 2.0.
* test/luatest.lua (eq): bugfix.
* lua/*.lua: deleted all lua files except for rex.lua.
* lua/rex.lua: fully rewritten; now contains wrappers for all methods.
2006-12-21 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* test/*.lua: added tests for `split' method.
* test/luatest.lua (print_results): function added.
* test/common_sets.lua: file added.
2006-12-19 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.lua: `split' method added.
* lposix.lua: `split' method added.
* test/framework.lua: renamed to luatest.lua.
2006-12-15 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* test/*.lua: refactoring.
2006-12-11 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* test/*.lua: refactoring; deleting files; adding new files.
2006-12-10 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c, lposix.c: gmatch bug fixed. Test case added.
* lpcre.c, lposix.c: gtfind bug fixed. Test case added.
2006-12-09 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lua/gsub_test.lua, gsub_tstpsx.lua: 2 files deleted.
* lua/posix_sets.lua, pcre_sets.lua, framework.lua, all_test.lua:
4 files added.
* lpcre.c, lposix.c, common.c, common.h:
an API alteration in gsub and gtfind methods: if a non-positive number
is supplied as the 'n' parameter, then no iterations are done.
Test cases added to *.lua test files.
2006-12-07 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c, lposix.c (gsub): if parameter rep is a function,
and its 2-nd return value (if present) is a string "break",
then gsub immediately returns.
* test/*.lua: refactoring.
2006-12-06 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c, lposix.c: refactoring.
2006-12-05 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lposix.c: cosmetics.
2006-12-04 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c, lposix.c: introduced new macros: CAP_BEG, CAP_END and CAP_LEN.
* lpcre.c, lpcre_f.c, lposix.c: refactoring.
2006-12-03 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c (Lpcre_gsub_func): an improvement.
* lposix.c (posix_gsub_func): an improvement.
* lpcre.c, lposix.c (gmatch, match, find): functions removed.
* lpcre.c, lposix.c: method tgfind renamed to gtfind.
* lpcre.c, lposix.c: gsub function become method.
* test/posix_test.lua, pcre_test.lua: removed tests for removed functions.
2006-12-02 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* common.c, common.h (TBuffer): moved here from lpcre.c.
* common.c, common.h (TFreeList): helper class created.
* lpcre.c (Lpcre_gsub_func): many changes.
* lposix.c (posix_gsub_func): added function gsub.
* test/gsub_test.lua: added testing for the new written-in-C gsub.
* test/gsub_tstpsx.lua: file added.
* test/rex_.lua: file deleted.
2006-12-01 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c (TBuffer): helper class created.
* lpcre.c (Lpcre_gsub_func): many changes.
2006-11-30 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c (TExecData): struct renamed to TCallout.
* lpcre.c (LpcreSetExecData): function renamed to SetupCallout.
* lpcre.c (Lpcre_gsub_func): added function gsub.
2006-11-29 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* test/*.lua: refactoring.
* lpcre.c, lposix.c: refactoring.
* lpcre.c, lposix.c (oldmatch): renamed to tfind.
* lpcre.c, lposix.c (oldgmatch): renamed to tgfind.
* */*.lua: renamed: oldmatch -> tfind; oldgmatch -> tgfind.
2006-11-28 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c (Lpcre_dfa_exec): one Lmalloc call instead of two.
2006-11-27 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* common.c (plainfind_func): rewritten to not use memicmp
* test/*.lua: every test returns number of failures
2006-11-26 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c, lposix.c: all Check_arg_* functions renamed to Checkarg_*
* lpcre.c (Lpcre_dfa_exec): added 2 arguments to dfa_exec
* common.h (DIM): macro removed
* test/pcre_test.lua: tests for dfa_exec method added
2006-11-25 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c, lposix.c: alpha -> beta.
* lpcre_f.c: file added (was: part of lpcre.c).
* rex_pcre.mak: updated due to the new file lpcre_f.c
* *.mak: version updated to 2.0
* test/all_test.lua: file added.
* test/posix_test.lua, test/pcre_test.lua: made modules.
* test/posix_test.lua: tests added.
* test/*.lua: refactoring.
* lua/generic_gsub.lua: refactoring.
2006-11-23 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* test/*.lua: refactoring.
* lua/rex.lua, lua/rex_.lua (gsub): 6th and 7th arguments swapped.
2006-11-22 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c (Check_arg_findmatch_func): 5th and 6th arguments swapped.
* lpcre.c (Check_arg_gmatch_func): 4th and 5th arguments swapped.
* test/posix_test.lua: file added.
* lposix.c: 2 bugs fixed.
2006-11-21 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* test/pcre_test.lua: "named subpatterns" tests added.
2006-11-20 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* common.c, common.h (plainfind_func): function added.
* lpcre.c, lposix.c (rex.plainfind): new function (from Lua side).
* test/framework.lua: file added.
* test/pcre_test.lua: file added.
2006-11-19 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c (Lpcre_config): new function (pcre.config from Lua side).
* lpcre.c: callout handling improved.
2006-11-18 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c, lposix.c: old 'gmatch' method put back; renamed into 'oldgmatch'.
2006-11-17 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* windows/bcc32/make_bcc.mak: deleted -DCOMPAT51, added -D$(CMDLINE)
2006-11-16 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* gsub_test.lua (PatternLua2Pcre): function renamed into 'pat2pcre'.
* lua/pat2pcre.lua: file added (was part of gsub_test.lua).
2006-11-15 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c, lposix.c: Lua API has changed:
* 'match' method renamed to 'oldmatch'
* added (as much as possible) Lua string library API compatible:
'find', 'match' and 'gmatch' - each one being a function/method pair.
* lpcre.c (newPCRE, flagsPCRE): functions removed.
* lposix.c (newPOSIX, flagsPOSIX): functions removed.
* lpcre.c, lposix.c: added literal rex._VERSION.
* rex.lua: deleted everything except gsub.
* rex.lua (gsub): rex.oldmatch is used instead of rex.match.
* generic_gsub.lua: rex.oldmatch is used instead of rex.match.
* test/test1.lua: file added
2006-11-12 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* rex.lua (r:gmatch): metamethod added.
* lpcre.c (Lpcre_maketables): function API simplified.
* lpcre.c (Lpcre_getargs): function removed.
* lpcre.c (LpcreGetExecParams): renamed from LpcreProcessExecParams.
2006-11-09 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lua/bit.lua: file removed.
2006-11-05 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* rex.lua (gsub): a few structural optimizations.
* rex.lua (gmatch): a bugfix.
* rex.lua: tests deleted from the file.
* gsub.lua: renamed into 'generic_gsub.lua'; made a module.
* new_gsub.lua: file deleted.
* lua/bit.lua: file added.
2006-11-04 Reuben Thomas <>
* rex.lua (gmatch): function rewritten to be compatible with
* find.lua: file deleted.
* lpcre.c (Lpcre_gmatch): function deleted.
* lposix.c (posix_gmatch): function deleted.
2006-11-04 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* gsub.lua, new_gsub.lua, gsub_test.lua, rex.lua: bugfixes.
2006-10-18 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* [Windows] DLL builds need lua5.1.dll rather than lua51.dll.
2006-10-02 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* Support of Lua 5.0 was dropped.
2006-09-03 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* common.h (REX_LIB_API): renamed into REX_API.
* common.h (flags_pair): renamed into flag_pair.
* common.h, lpcre.h, lposix.h (REX_REGISTER): renamed into rex_register.
* lpcre.h (luaopen_rex_pcre): error message text changed.
* lposix.c (posix_handle, posix_typename):
string literals are prefixed by $(REX_LIBNAME).
[ This makes possible using multiple rex_posix libraries
at a time by one lua_State. ]
* lpcre.c (pcre_handle, pcre_typename):
string literals are prefixed by $(REX_LIBNAME).
[ This makes possible using multiple rex_pcre libraries
at a time by one lua_State. ]
* added directory test/Spencer (containing test.lua).
* test/Spencer/test.lua: file returns a function.
2006-08-27 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* (local) merge with the version put into CVS by R.Thomas.
* common.h: added conditional #define's for lua_pushinteger and
lua_tointeger (needed to compile with Lua 5.0).
2006-08-18 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* common.c, lpcre.c, lposix.c: lua_pushnumber replaced with
lua_pushinteger where appropriate (in many places).
* lpcre.c (put_number): function renamed into put_integer.
2006-06-17 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lpcre.c (TPcreExecParam): `use_callout' struct member was eliminated.
Instead, a special value of function reference (LUA_NOREF) is used.
2006-04-01 Reuben Thomas <>
* lpcre.c, common.c: Remove trailing whitespace.
* lpcre.c (Lpcre_gmatch): Remove unnecessary limit variable.
2006-02-17 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* common.c, common.h (L_lua_error): function deleted.
* common.c, lpcre.c, lposix.c: luaL_error used in place of L_lua_error.
* lposix.c (posix2): struct renamed into TPosix.
* lposix.c (posix_comp): lua_newuserdata() used instead of Lmalloc().
2005-12-26 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* Separate makefiles for POSIX and PCRE. No config file.
2005-11-28 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* common.h (REXLIB_API): macro renamed into REX_LIB_API.
* lposix.c (LREXLIB_POSIX_EXT): macro renamed into REX_POSIX_EXT.
2005-11-26 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* common.h (LUAL_REGISTER): macro renamed into REX_REGISTER.
* lpcre.c (LUAOPEN_LIB): macro renamed into REX_OPENLIB.
* lpcre.c (LIBNAME): macro renamed into REX_LIBNAME.
2005-11-15 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* common.c, common.h, lposix.c, lpcre.c: new files (lrexlib.c was
splitted); POSIX and PCRE parts now live in their own
separate files.
* common.h (REXLIB_API): new macro.
* lposix.c (LREXLIB_POSIX): macro removed.
* lposix.c (LUAOPEN_LIB, LIBNAME): new macros.
* lposix.c (rexlib): Lua-side functions flagsPOSIX and newPOSIX
now have aliases (flags and new, correspondently).
* lpcre.c (LREXLIB_PCRE): macro removed.
* lpcre.c (LUAOPEN_LIB, LIBNAME): new macros.
* lpcre.c (rexlib): Lua-side functions flagsPCRE and newPCRE now
have aliases (flags and new, correspondently).
* lpcre.c (Lpcre_vers): function renamed into Lpcre_version.
2005-11-12 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lrexlib.c (LUAL_REGISTER): new macro.
2005-11-10 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lrexlib.c (posix_match_generic): return (on Lua-side) an
additional value (the return code of regexec).
* lrexlib.c (Lpcre_match_generic): return (on Lua-side) an
additional value (the return code of pcre_exec).
* lrexlib.c (Lpcre_dfa_exec): return (on Lua-side) an additional
value (the return code of pcre_dfa_exec).
2005-10-29 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lrexlib.c (get_flags): the function now accepts one parameter
from the Lua stack (a table). Was: no parameters. (This
affects the Lua-side functions: flagsPOSIX and
* lrexlib.c (LREXLIB_POSIX_EXT): it's now possible to force-define
this macro at compile time, bypassing the automatic
* lrexlib.c: added new POSIX flags (error values).
* lrexlib.c (LpcreProcessParams): renamed into
* lrexlib.c: added all missing PCRE flags starting from PCRE
version 4.
2005-10-25 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lrexlib.c (DIM): new macro.
* lrexlib.c (pcre2): renamed into TPcre.
* lrexlib.c (TPcreExecParam): new struct.
* lrexlib.c (LpcreProcessParams): new function.
* lrexlib.c (Lpcre_dfa_exec): new function. Lua-side: dfa_exec.
* lrexlib.c (Lpcre_dfa_restart): new function. Lua-side: dfa_restart.
2005-10-23 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lrexlib.c (TPcreCalloutData): new struct.
* lrexlib.c (Lpcre_callout): new function.
* lrexlib.c (Lpcre_match_generic): PCRE callout support added.
* lrexlib.c: added new PCRE flags (from PCRE versions 5 and 6).
* lrexlib.c (put_number): new helper function.
2005-05-27 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lrexlib.c: updated to work with Compat-5.1.
2004-12-18 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lrexlib.c (regex_tostring): error handling added.
* lrexlib.c (regex_tostring): renamed into udata_tostring.
* lrexlib.c (regex_get_flags): renamed into get_flags.
* lrexlib.c (Lpcre_comp): pattern offset included in error message.
* lrexlib.c (Lpcre_comp): error check added after pcre_study call.
* lrexlib.c (Lpcre_push_substrings): eliminated inserting nil
values into the matches table (not a bug, redundancy).
* lrexlib.c (Lpcre_push_substrings): lua_rawset call instead of
* lrexlib.c: all stack buffers used for message formatting changed
in size from 128 to 256 bytes.
2004-11-17 Nick Gammon <>
* lrexlib.c (pcre2): new member pcre2.extra.
* lrexlib.c (Lpcre_comp): pcre_study call added.
* lrexlib.c (Lpcre_push_matches, Lpcre_push_substrings,
Lpcre_push_offsets): function signatures changed.
* lrexlib.c (Lpcre_push_substrings): added support for "named
2004-09-15 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* gsub.lua (is_odd): Function removed; math.mod used instead.
2004-08-24 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* ChangeLog: File added.
* NEWS: File added.
2004-08-12 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lrexlib.c (posix_exec, Lpcre_exec): New C functions, that
correspond to the new lua function 'r:exec'.
* lrexlib.c (posix_tostring, Lpcre_tostring): New C functions,
that correspond to the new lua function 'r:__tostring'.
* lrexlib.c: A table returned by r:match() as its 3rd result has
no "n" index set anymore.
* lrexlib.c (LREXLIB_POSIX_EXT): New macro.
* lrexlib.c (PCRE_LOCALE_SUPPORT): Macro removed.
* lrexlib.c (posix_push_matches, Lpcre_push_matches): Functions
became typedef's.
* lrexlib.c (posix_match_generic, Lpcre_match_generic)
(posix_push_substrings, Lpcre_push_substrings)
(posix_push_offsets, Lpcre_push_offsets): New functions.
* gsub.lua: File added.
2004-08-11 Reuben Thomas <>
* config: Many changes.
* Makefile: Many changes.
2004-08-11 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* config: File added + many changes.
* Makefile: Many changes.
2004-07-15 Shmuel Zeigerman <>
* lrexlib.c (posix_get_flags, Lpcre_get_flags, Lpcre_vers): New C
functions, that correspond to new lua functions
'flagsPOSIX', 'flagsPCRE', 'versionPCRE'.
* lrexlib.c: Lua functions 'newPCRE' and 'newPOSIX' accept an
optional 2nd argument ("compilation flags").
* lrexlib.c: Lua function 'newPCRE' accepts an optional 3rd
argument ("locale") - but only if the macro
PCRE_LOCALE_SUPPORT was defined at the compilation time.
* lrexlib.c: Lua function 'r:match' accepts optional 2nd and 3rd
arguments ("startoffset" and "execution flags").
* lrexlib.c: Lua function 'r:gmatch' accepts an optional 2nd
argument ("execution flags").
* lrexlib.c (posix_gmatch, Lpcre_gmatch): If a user-defined lua
function passed as the 2nd parameter returns true value,
then lua function 'r:gmatch' returns.
* lrexlib.c (posix_push_matches, Lpcre_push_matches): The table of
substring matches contains false in the positions
correspondent to non-matched subpatterns.
* lrexlib.c: Static functions that began with 'pcre' were renamed
to begin with 'Lpcre'.
* lrexlib.c (posix_getargs, Lpcre_getargs):
Fixed - allocated memory was not freed.
Fixed - removed redundant calls of lua_checkstack.
* lrexlib.c: Allocation/freeing memory moved from matching
operations to pattern-compiling and garbage-collecting
* lrexlib.c (posix_match, posix_gmatch, Lpcre_match, Lpcre_gmatch):
luaL_checkudata is used in checking of userdata-type
* lrexlib.c: Removed conditional compilation controlled by the
macro REG_BASIC.
* lrexlib.c (posix_comp): The following invalid ANSI C89 code:
size_t sz = <expression>; char errbuf[sz];
made valid with the use of malloc/free.
* lrexlib.c (Lpcre_gmatch): Keeping 'subject' and 'length'
unchanged while updating 'startoffset'.
* lbitlib.c: File removed.
* Makefile: Removed parts related to lbitlib.c.
* make_bcc.mak: File added.