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1.1 2008-04-19
* Warning: this release changes the behaviour of the 'close' and 'size'
methods in a way which is not backwards compatible with version 1.0,
although these small changes are unlikely to affect real code.
* The 'close' method now does the same as 'size(0)', so it can be used
to free the buffer associated with a memoryfile object. This is so that
code which relies on 'close' freeing up resources can be used with
memoryfile objects as well as real file handles.
* The 'size' method now returns the old size, before the method began,
rather than the new size after it has been changed. This will only
affect code which uses a single call to 'size' to both get and set the
size. The change is to bring this method into line with accessors in
my other libraries.
* Impose minimum size on buffer to avoid excessive reallocation.
* The version number is no longer included in the userdata metatable
name in the Lua registry, so for all future versions the file handles
will have the same metatable name. This makes it possible, although not
necessarily recommended, for C code to directly manipulate these objects.
* Switch test suite from Lunit 0.3 to Lunit 0.4alpha.
1.0 2007-09-21
* Initial release.