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Stdlib's contributors
This file lists major contributors to stdlib. If you think you should
be on it, please tell the mailing list (see README for the address).
Thanks also to all those who have contributed bug fixes, suggestions
and support.
Reuben Thomas started and maintains the standard libraries project,
wrote many of the libraries, and integrated code from other authors.
John Belmonte helped set the project up on lua-users, and contributed
to the early organisation of the libraries.
The call trace debugging code is based on test/trace-calls.lua from
the Lua 5.0 distribution.
Jamie Webb contributed several miscellaneous functions from his
private standard library.
Johann Hibschman supplied the code on which math.floor and math.round
were based.
Diego Nehab wrote the original version of the mbox parser module.
Gary V. Vaughan contributed table key support to the tree module, and
the memoize implementation.
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