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Standard Lua libraries
by the stdlib project (
This is a collection of Lua libraries for Lua 5.1 and 5.2. The
libraries are copyright by their authors 2000-2013 (see the AUTHORS
file for details), and released under the MIT license (the same
license as Lua itself). There is no warranty.
The standard subset of stdlib has no prerequisites beyond a standard
Lua system. The following modules have extra dependencies:
fstable: Lua 5.2
The simplest way to install stdlib is with LuaRocks
( ):
luarocks install stdlib
As well as requiring individual libraries, you can load the standard
set with
require "std"
Modules not in the standard set may be removed from future versions of
The libraries are documented in LuaDoc. Pre-built HTML files are
Bug reports and code contributions
These libraries are maintained and extended by their users. Please
make bug report and suggestions on GitHub (see URL at top of file).
Pull requests are especially appreciated.
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