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* new API for os.sleep
* fixed build scripts
* include Copyright notice
API changes
* os.unsetenv is now folded into os.setenv
* os.rmdir is now folded into os.remove
* os.dir now elides . and .. entries from the listing
* lock and unlock now appear in the io table
* io.lock and io.unlock return the file object in case of success
POSIX implementation changes
* ENVIRON_DECL should be defined to expand to extern char **environ; on systems which neglect to declare environ when including <unistd.h>
* prepare for dirent metatable
* ex_pipe() refactored
Windows implementation changes
* os.remove must be overridden
* prepare for dirent metatable
* simplify directory iteration by adding POSIX-like abstraction
* ex_pipe() refactored
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