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Move luagd.c before $(LFLAGS) doesn't reference libgd and friends if you don't do
this on some systems
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1 parent 95f99d0 commit da99b5d8ae62c4f483d840dec37bc8f4b1519ac7 @hoelzro hoelzro committed Feb 2, 2011
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@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ INSTALL_PATH=`pkg-config lua lua5.1 --variable=INSTALL_CMOD 2>/dev/null`
all: $(OUTFILE)
$(OUTFILE): luagd.c
- $(CC) -o $(OUTFILE) $(GDFEATURES) $(CFLAGS) $(LFLAGS) luagd.c
+ $(CC) -o $(OUTFILE) $(GDFEATURES) $(CFLAGS) luagd.c $(LFLAGS)
lua test_features.lua
install: $(OUTFILE)

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