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A Lua bindings generator written in Lua.
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  • Improve 'c_call' record parameter handling:

    c_call "int>1" "func_name" { "ObjectType1", "&need_pointer_to_pointer_is_out_var_idx2>2", "ClassObject", "this<1" }

">idx", mark as an output variable with order 'idx' on stack.

"<idx", mark as an input variable with order 'idx' on stack.

"&", this will wrap the variable access with "&(var)".

"", this will wrap the variable access with "(var)".

"?", variable is optional use for both input & output values.

"@ref_field_name", use field 'ref_field_name' from struct as a Lua reference, for input field it is set, for output field the reference is pushed.

  • Improve class type mapping & push/pop function over-rides:

    object "LuaClassName" "C_struct_name" { -- create a wrapper struct. struct_def [[ C_struct_name parent; lua_State *L; int ref; ]], custom_push_func = "name_of_push_function", custom_check_func = "name_of_check_function",


  • Add better support for enumerations. Right now you can use a 'package' with constants 'const' records:

    package "ENUM" { const "NONE" { 0 }, const "VAL_1" { 1 }, const "VAL_2" { 2 }, const "VAL_3" { 3 }, const "VAL_4" { 4 }, }

Add better support for bit flag parameters.

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