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* About LuaPretty
  LuaPretty is a syntax aware code highlighter and formatter for the Lua language.
  It can be used separately as a standalone application or as a library from
  within your own Lua project.
  Output of LuaPretty consists of reformatted input source code according to a
  given template, which can be later highlighted using custom CSS to produce
  a valid HTML document containing the highlighted and reformatted code.
  Formatter templates have the ability to make any change in the given source 
  code. Reformatting the source code is only a small subset of changes that
  can be made inside a formatter user template.
* Availability
  LuaPretty is freely available for both academic and commercial purposes under
  MIT license. See COPYRIGHT for details. 

* Dependecies
  LuaPretty requires following modules to be installed:
	lua >= 5.1	(not tested with 5.2)
	alt_getopt >= 0.7
	cosmo >= 10.04.06
	leg == 0.1.3	(leg version 0.1.3 is provided by LuaDist and supports lpeg >= 0.10)
	lpeg >= 0.10

* Installation
  Simplest way to install LuaPretty is to use the LuaDist ( deployment 
  tool by invoking:
	> ./luadist _luapretty install luapretty
  which will install LuaPretty and all it's dependecies into the _luapretty folder.
  LuaPretty can be also installed using CMake ( For manual installation 
  copy the luapretty folder from src into your LUA_PATH folder. 
* Running
  When using LuaDist for installation, LuaPretty installs to a standalone directory 
  and can be invoked from _luapretty/bin directory. LuaPretty provides two small 
	src/lua-formatter.lua	- Lua source code reformater
	src/lua-highlighter.lua 	- Lua source code syntax highlighter
  Both scripts can be simply executed using the lua runtime interpreter in the install 
  directory, e.g.:
  	$ cd _luapretty/bin/
  	$ lua lua-formatter.lua
  LuaDist also installs binary versions of these sripts. 

* Compatibility
  LuaPretty was tested only on Linux platform, but should work on all main platforms.
* Authors
  LuaPretty is developed and maintained by:
  	Viliam Kubis  (main developer)
	Peter Kapec (project supervisor)