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LuaSec 0.4
* On Linux, BSD, and Mac OS X:
- Edit 'Makefile'
* Inform the path to where install the Lua modules (LUAPATH) and binaries
modules (LUACPATH)
* If Lua or OpenSSL are not in the default path, set the
variables INCDIR and LIBDIR.
* For Mac OS X, set the variable MACOSX_VERSION.
- Use 'make <platform>' to compile
* Platforms: linux, bsd, or macosx
- Use 'make install' to install the modules.
* On Windows:
- Use the Visual C++ project to compile the library.
- Copy the 'ssl.lua' file to some place in your LUA_PATH.
- Copy the 'ssl.dll' file to some place in your LUA_CPATH.
- Create a directory 'ssl' in your LUA_PATH and copy 'https.lua' to it.
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