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LuaSQL 2.1
LuaSQL is a simple interface from Lua to a DBMS. It enables a Lua program to:
* Connect to ODBC, ADO, Oracle, MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL databases;
* Execute arbitrary SQL statements;
* Retrieve results in a row-by-row cursor fashion.
LuaSQL is free software and uses the same license as Lua 5.1.
Source code for LuaSQL can be downloaded from the LuaForge page.
If you are using LuaBinaries a Windows binary version of LuaSQL can be found at the same LuaForge page.
LuaSQL 2.1.1 [29/Oct/2007]
* Fixed a bug in the SQLite3 error handling (patch by David Burgess)
* Fixed bug [#1834] for SQLite 3 (found by Savin Zlobec, patch by Marc Nijdam)
* Fixed bug [#1770] for SQLite 3 (found by Enrico Tassi, patch by Marc Nijdam)