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Thanks goes out to:
- Roberto Ierusalimschy, for writing PIL
- Roberto Ierusalimschy, LHF, and Waldemar Celes, for creating Lua
- Rici, who helped me understand the beauty of string.gsub()
- Keffo, for angering me enough with his detrimental comments that I actually
stuck to it
- The creators of Objective C and the Objective C wikipedia article, for
inspiring me to create something like this
- The creators of LuaSocket, and of LuaCheia (who packaged it nicely)
- The creators of the RedBull, RockStar, Monster, AMP, and MDX energy drinks
- The creators of Lunar Linux, without which I would still be using crappy
distros ;-)
- IBM, for creating the Thinkpad, the only laptop I'll ever truly enjoy using
(John Ohno)
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