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-- 2.4 --
* Changed upval unboxing to allow upvals which contain func-housed cycles
* Added stack checking to all stack-growing functions
* Serialized debug information for functions
-- 2.3 --
* Added LUALIB_API declaration for luaopen_pluto
-- 2.2 --
* Rolled all internal Lua dependencies into the Pluto distribution
* Made the unit tests depend on dynamically loading Pluto
-- 2.1 --
* Various fixes to make the GC happy
* stack size always expanded where necessary
* fixed some memory leaks
* GC disabled during unpersist
* callstack initialized for traversal
This changelog is maintained as of version 2.0alpha1.
Earlier versions are changelogged on the LuaForge site.
-- 2.0 --
* Fixed a few format changes to 5.1.3
* Fixed myriad warnings
* GCC compliance: not incrementing cast results
* Fix for self-referring upvals
* Renamed loading function to work with Lua module system
* Loading tables with __newindex works
* unpersist makes buffer copy
-- 2.0alpha1 --
* Fixed all outstanding 5.0->5.1 conversion issues
* Made heavier use of size_t in preference to int
* Fixed GC/Upval issue (thanks to Eric Jacobs)
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