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# You probably want to take -DREDEBUG out of CFLAGS, and put something like
# -O in, *after* testing (-DREDEBUG strengthens testing by enabling a lot of
# internal assertion checking and some debugging facilities).
# Put -Dconst= in for a pre-ANSI compiler.
# Do not take -DPOSIX_MISTAKE out.
# REGCFLAGS isn't important to you (it's for my use in some special contexts).
# If you have a pre-ANSI compiler, put -o into MKHFLAGS. If you want
# the Berkeley __P macro, put -b in.
# Flags for linking but not compiling, if any.
# Extra libraries for linking, if any.
# Internal stuff, should not need changing.
OBJPRODN=regcomp.o regexec.o regerror.o regfree.o
OBJS=$(OBJPRODN) split.o debug.o main.o
H=cclass.h cname.h regex2.h utils.h
REGSRC=regcomp.c regerror.c regexec.c regfree.c
ALLSRC=$(REGSRC) engine.c debug.c main.c split.c
# Stuff that matters only if you're trying to lint the package.
LINTFLAGS=-I. -Dstatic= -Dconst= -DREDEBUG
LINTC=regcomp.c regexec.c regerror.c regfree.c debug.c main.c
JUNKLINT=possible pointer alignment|null effect
# arrangements to build forward-reference header files
.SUFFIXES: .ih .h
sh ./mkh $(MKHFLAGS) -p $< >$@
default: r
lib: purge $(OBJPRODN)
rm -f libregex.a
ar crv libregex.a $(OBJPRODN)
rm -f *.o
# stuff to build regex.h
sh ./mkh $(MKHFLAGS) -i _REGEX_H_ $(REGEXHSRC) >regex.tmp
cmp -s regex.tmp regex.h 2>/dev/null || cp regex.tmp regex.h
rm -f regex.tmp
# dependencies
$(OBJPRODN) debug.o: utils.h regex.h regex2.h
regcomp.o: cclass.h cname.h regcomp.ih
regexec.o: engine.c engine.ih
regerror.o: regerror.ih
debug.o: debug.ih
main.o: main.ih
# tester
re: $(OBJS)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS) $(OBJS) $(LIBS) -o $@
# regression test
r: re tests
./re <tests
./re -el <tests
./re -er <tests
# 57 variants, and other stuff, for development use -- not useful to you
ra: ./re tests
-./re <tests
-./re -el <tests
-./re -er <tests
rx: ./re tests
./re -x <tests
./re -x -el <tests
./re -x -er <tests
t: ./re tests
-time ./re <tests
-time ./re -cs <tests
-time ./re -el <tests
-time ./re -cs -el <tests
l: $(LINTC)
lint $(LINTFLAGS) -h $(LINTC) 2>&1 | egrep -v '$(JUNKLINT)' | tee lint
ti README WHATSNEW notes todo | list
ti *.h | list
list *.c
list regex.3 regex.7
ti README WHATSNEW notes todo | list
ti *.h | list
list reg*.c engine.c
mf.tmp: Makefile
sed '/^REGEXH=/s/=.*/=regex.h/' Makefile | sed '/#DEL$$/d' >$@
DTRH=cclass.h cname.h regex2.h utils.h
POST=mkh regex.3 regex.7 tests $(DTRH) $(ALLSRC) fake/*.[ch]
FILES=$(PRE) Makefile $(POST)
DTR=$(PRE) Makefile=mf.tmp $(POST)
dtr: $(FILES) mf.tmp
makedtr $(DTR) >$@
rm mf.tmp
cio: $(FILES)
cio $(FILES)
rdf: $(FILES)
rcsdiff -c $(FILES) 2>&1 | p
# various forms of cleanup
rm -f junk* core core.* *.core dtr *.tmp lint
clean: tidy
rm -f *.o *.s *.ih re libregex.a
# don't do this one unless you know what you're doing
spotless: clean
rm -f mkh regex.h