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import sys;
import os
tools = ['default']
if == 'nt':
tools = ['mingw']
env = Environment(tools = tools)
options_file = None
if sys.platform == 'linux2':
options_file = "linux"
elif 'msvc' in env['TOOLS']:
options_file = "msvc"
options_file = "posix"
opts = Options(["config_"+options_file+".py", "", "custom_"+options_file+".py"], ARGUMENTS)
opts.Add('CC', 'The C compiler.')
opts.Add('CXX', 'The C++ compiler (for the tests)')
opts.Add('CCFLAGS', 'Flags for the compiler.', ['-O2', '-Wall'])
opts.Add('LINK', 'The linker.')
opts.Add('LINKFLAGS', 'Linker flags.', [])
opts.Add('no_cygwin', 'Use -mno-cygwin to build using the mingw compiler on cygwin', 0)
opts.Add('LIBS', 'libraries', [])
opts.Add('LIBPATH', 'library path', [])
opts.Add('tolua_bin', 'the resulting binary', 'tolua++')
opts.Add('tolua_lib', 'the resulting library', 'tolua++')
opts.Add('TOLUAPP', 'the name of the tolua++ binary (to use with built_dev=1)', 'tolua++')
opts.Add('prefix', 'The installation prefix')
opts.Add('build_dev', 'Build for development (uses tolua to rebuild toluabind.c with the embeded scripts', 0)
opts.Add('build_failsafe', "Build using 'factory default' toluabind file (in case build_dev fails)", 0)
opts.Add('ENV', 'The environment variables')
opts.Add('shared', 'Build a shared object', False)
def save_config(target, source, env):
opts.Save('', env)
cust = env.Command('', [], save_config)
env.Alias('configure', [cust])
env['TOLUAPP_BOOTSTRAP'] = env['tolua_bin']+"_bootstrap"+env['PROGSUFFIX']
env['build_dev'] = int(env['build_dev'])
## detecting the install directory on win32
if 'msvc' in env['TOOLS'] and not (env.has_key('prefix') or env['prefix']):
if env['MSVS'].has_key('PLATFORMSDKDIR'):
env['prefix'] = env['MSVS']['PLATFORMSDKDIR']
############ helper builders
def pkg_scan_dep(self, target, source):
import re
## TODO: detectar si el archivo existe antes de abrirlo asi nomas
pkg = open(source, "rt")
for linea in pkg.xreadlines():
dep ="^[\t\w]*\$[cphl]file\s*\"([^\"]+)\"", linea)
if dep:
self.Depends(target, '#' + dep.groups()[0]);
if dep.groups()[0][-4:] == '.pkg':
# recursividad
self.pkg_scan_dep(target, dep.groups()[0])
def make_tolua_code(self, target, source, pkgname = None, bootstrap = False, use_own = False, use_typeid=None):
ptarget = Dir('.').path + '/' + target
psource = Dir('.').path + '/' + source
header = target[:-2] + '.h'
pheader = Dir('.').path + '/' + header
tolua = ""
if bootstrap:
if == 'nt':
tolua = 'bin\\'+self['TOLUAPP_BOOTSTRAP']
tolua = 'bin/'+self['TOLUAPP_BOOTSTRAP']
print("********* tolua is ", tolua)
if use_own:
if 'msvc' in self['TOOLS']:
tolua = 'bin\\$tolua_bin'
tolua = 'bin/$tolua_bin'
tolua = "$TOLUAPP"
if pkgname:
pkgname = ' -n '+pkgname
pkgname = ''
if use_typeid:
tolua = tolua+' -t'
comando = tolua + ' -C -H ' + pheader + ' -o ' + ptarget + pkgname + ' ' + psource
command = self.Command(target, source, comando)
self.SideEffect(header, target)
self.Depends(target, source)
self.pkg_scan_dep(target, psource)
if bootstrap:
self.Depends(target, "#/bin/$TOLUAPP_BOOTSTRAP")
if use_own:
self.Depends(target, "#/bin/$tolua_bin")
return command
env.__class__.LuaBinding = make_tolua_code;
env.__class__.pkg_scan_dep = pkg_scan_dep;
def print_install_error(target, source, env):
msg = """Error: no install prefix was specified, or detected.
you can use the 'prefix' option on command line to specify one. Examples:
scons prefix=/usr/local install
or on Windows:
scons "prefix=c:\\program files\\visual basic" install
Files will be installed on <prefix>/bin, <prefix>/lib and <prefix>/include
import SCons.Errors
raise SCons.Errors.UserError(msg)
########### end of helper builders
env['CPPPATH'] = '#/include'
env['LIBPATH'] = ['#/lib'] + env['LIBPATH']
if env['no_cygwin']:
env['CCFLAGS'] += ['-mno-cygwin']
env['LINKFLAGS'] += ['-mno-cygwin']
import string
env.Alias('all', [env.bin_target, env.lib_target])
env.Alias('test', env.test_targets)
if env['prefix']:
env.Install(env['prefix']+'/bin', env.bin_target)
env.Install(env['prefix']+'/lib', env.lib_target)
env.Install(env['prefix']+'/include', '#include/tolua++.h')
env.Alias('install', [env['prefix']+'/bin', env['prefix']+'/include', env['prefix']+'/lib'])
env.Command('install', [], print_install_error)
env.Depends('install', 'all')
env.Command('deb', [], 'dpkg-buildpackage -I.svn -Itoluabind_dev.c -Itoluabind_dev.h -Itoluabind_default.o -Icustom.lua -I.sconsign', ENV=os.environ)