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On Mac OS X, wxWidgets can be compiled using Apple's Carbon or Cocoa libraries.
To compile using Carbon or Cocoa, see the instructions in docs/mac/install.txt
wxCocoa is still a work in progress.
To compile it, you will need Apple's Developer Tools. However, please
note that any work to make it suitable for GNUstep (which will require
a GCC release with Objective-C++) will be much appreciated.
Some users also report success with Metrowerks CodeWarrior IDE and I've even
on occasion used the command-line MW compilers (see docs/metrowerks) with
configure instead of GCC and Apple's LD.
Like most UNIX ports, the standard configure/make method works. You should
be able to build the library as static or shared. I usually build static.
On my system I have the following:
Checked out CVS source is in:
Debug build directory is:
From the debug build directory:
$ ../wxWidgets/configure --with-cocoa --enable-debug --disable-shared
$ make
$ cd samples/minimal
$ make
$ ./
Like wxMac applications, wxCocoa applications are "bundled". For development
purposes all this means is that an executable named "foo" needs to be
inside a "" directory. For deployment you will need
an appropriate Info.plist and PkgInfo inside the directory.
wxCocoa (and Cocoa in general) has no need for Mac OS resources. It
certainly has no need for resource forks as no Mach-O applications should
_ever_ have resource forks (note: Bakefile violates this right now).
Please see the wxWiki and/or discuss this with wx-users before shipping
any wxCocoa apps if you are new to the OS X platform.