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wxWidgets for MGL installation
wxMGL is currently in need of some work to bring it up to the
standard of some of the other wxWidgets ports.
If you experience problems installing, please re-read these
instructions and other related files (todo.txt, bugs.txt and
osname.txt for your platform if it exists) carefully before
mailing wxwin-users or the author. Preferably, try to fix the
problem first and then send a patch to the author.
When sending bug reports tell us what version of wxWidgets you are
using (including the beta) and what compiler on what system. One
example: wxMGL 2.8.0, gcc 2.95.3, Redhat 7.0
First steps
- Download SciTech MGL library from The
downloads page is here (you need MGL version 5.0beta7 or newer):
Install MGL according to provided instructions. In particular, make sure that
MGL_ROOT and NUCLEUS_PATH environment variables are set before attempting to
build wxMGL.
Make sure you installed all MGL components, including the "fonts" package
(it's called mgl_<ver>-font.tar.gz in Linux version). It is important to have
SciTech's basic fonts in $(MGL_ROOT)/fonts directory (you may want to add
Arial TrueType font for better output quality) and basic cursors in
$(MGL_ROOT)/cursors. wxMGL depends on their presence.
- Download wxMGL-x.y.z.tgz, where x.y.z is the version number.
Download documentation in a preferred format, such as or
- Make a directory such as ~/wx and unarchive the files into this
- You can now use configure or makefiles to build wxWidgets and the samples.
In case of problems, please use GNU make.
Following systems are supported by wxMGL so far:
- Unix (Linux etc.)
- MS-DOS (DJGPP and Watcom compilers)
* Compiling using configure
These instructions apply to installation on a Unix system (such as Linux). Please
see below for information on using configure on non-Unix platforms.
If you compile wxWidgets on Linux for the first time and don't like to read
install instructions just do (in the base dir):
> ./configure --with-mgl
> make
> su <type root password>
> make install
> ldconfig
> exit
Afterwards you can continue with
> make
> su <type root password>
> make install
> ldconfig
> exit
If you want to remove wxWidgets on Unix you can do this:
> su <type root password>
> make uninstall
> ldconfig
> exit
You can set many options to configure. Type
> ./configure --help
and you will get a list of supported options.
* Using wxMGL library built with configure
'make install' will install wx-config script that can (and should) be used
to get compiler flags that are needed to build your program. wx-config --cxxflags
will output necessary C++ compiler flags and wx-config --libs will list all
needed libraries. See an example of wxWidgets application makefile:
minimal: minimal.o
$(CC) -o minimal minimal.o `wx-config --libs`
minimal.o: minimal.cpp mondrian.xpm
$(CC) `wx-config --cxxflags` -c minimal.cpp -o minimal.o
* Using configure to build MS-DOS version
Even though configure is a Unix script, you can use it to build MS-DOS version
of the wxMGL library. There are two possible ways to achieve this: you can
either cross-compile from Unix or compile natively. Either way you will needed
the DJGPP port of GCC compiler freely available from:
Scitech MGL must be compiled natively, and to do this you will need to download
the following files (from the current/v2 and current/v2gnu directories). You
should get the latest versions available rather than the exact versions shown
below, they are just an example of what to look for: B 1,530,778 020811 DJGPP development kit 2.03 B 3,483,132 050708 GNU Binutils 2.16.1 for DJGPP V2 B 3,772,211 050527 GNU GCC 3.4.4 for DJGPP V2 B 4,026,725 050527 GNU C++ Compiler 3.4.4 for DJGPP V2
If you want to build wxMGL natively using the DJGPP compiler, you will have to
install a couple of Unix utilities. I think the following is the minimum that
will work: B 454,308 020106 GNU Bash shell 2.04 for DJGPP V2 B 1,738,170 030830 GNU fileutils 4.1 for DJGPP V2 B 306,826 010505 GNU findutils 4.1 for DJGPP V2 B 254,997 000116 GNU Grep 2.4 for DJGPP V2 B 272,798 020106 GNU Make 3.79.1 for DJGPP V2 B 159,920 050331 GNU Sed 4.1.4 for DJGPP V2 B 1,195,021 020419 GNU sh-utils 2.01 for DJGPP V2
You'll probably also want a debugger: B 1,585,648 040629 GNU GDB Debugger 6.1.1 for DJGPP V2
And maybe some of these: B 679,865 000203 FAQ 2.30 for DJGPP v2.03 B 402,859 040911 GNU Diffutils 2.8.1 for DJGPP V2 B 968,667 050321 GNU Awk 3.1.4 for DJGPP V2 B 146,138 041215 GNU gzip 1.3.5 for DJGPP V2 B 199,805 020405 GNU Less 374 for DJGPP V2 B 114,250 040326 GNU Patch 2.5.4 for DJGPP V2 B 236,427 000305 GNU Tar 1.12a for DJGPP V2 B 86,296 000911 GNU which 2.11 for DJGPP V2
The system you compile on must support long file names. You can use Windows 9x
or an x86 version of Windows 2000/XP or later. For example:
C:\>set MGL_ROOT=c:/scitech
C:\>set DJGPP=c:/djgpp/djgpp.env
C:\>set PS1=\w\$
c:/$ mkdir build
c:/$ cd build
c:/build$ ../wxWidgets/configure
c:/build$ make
c:/build$ cd samples/minimal
c:/build/samples/minimal$ make
Cross-compilation is very easy. It works like ordinary compilation with
configure, you only have to specify the target:
> ./configure --with-mgl --build=i586-linux --host=i586-pc-msdosdjgpp
> make
For this to work, you must have installed a cross compiler on your system.
Linux rpms are available here:
NetBSD has a binary package which can be installed with:
# pkg_add cross-i386-msdosdjgpp
For other systems you will need to obtain the djgpp sources and compile them
* Building wxMGL for MS-DOS using Watcom C/C++
<Note: this section is currently out of date>
You will need Watcom C/C++ compiler version 11 or newer (Watcom is going to be
OpenSourced by SciTech, check out
1. Edit $(WXDIR)\include\wx\univ\setup.h to suit your needs (in same way as you
do when compiling wxMSW).
2. Go to $(WXDIR)\src\mgl and run
> wmake -f makefile.wat all
3. You can compile the samples by typing 'wmake -f makefile.mgl all' in sample
directory if this file is available. If it is not, copy makefile.wat to
makefile.mgl and replace the line that says
!include $(WXDIR)\src\makeprog.wat
!include $(WXDIR)\src\mgl\makeprog.wat
Compilation notes for MGL with gcc
The mvis library doesn't compile with current versions of gcc. However wxMGL
does not use this part of MGL, so it can be taken out of the compile, e.g.:
--- scitech/src/makefile.orig 2004-04-15 20:36:32.000000000 +0100
+++ scitech/src/makefile 2005-04-26 01:50:12.000000000 +0100
@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@
# Target to build libraries for one compiler for SciTech MGL Graphics Library
-all_mgl: $(T_PM) $(T_GCONSOLE) $(T_SNAP) $(T_TECH) $(T_MVIS) $(T_FIXED) \
+all_mgl: $(T_PM) $(T_GCONSOLE) $(T_SNAP) $(T_TECH) $(T_FIXED) \
$(T_GM) $(T_GLUT) $(T_MGL)
@$(ECHO) =============================================================================
@$(ECHO) DONE: Single compiler MGL build completed successfully!
The following small change is also required to include/tcl/hashmap.hpp:
--- scitech/include/tcl/hashtab.hpp.orig 2006-01-20 19:51:12.000000000 +0000
+++ scitech/include/tcl/hashtab.hpp 2006-01-22 14:12:12.000000000 +0000
@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@
TCHashTableNode **prev;
friend class TCGenHashTable;
- friend ostream& operator << (ostream& o,TCGenHashTable& h);
+ friend ostream& operator << (ostream& o, class TCGenHashTable& h);
// Constructor to satisfy some compilers :-(
TCHashTableNode() {};
Bug reports
Please send bug reports with a description of your environment,
compiler and the error message(s) to the wxwin-developers mailing list at:
Vaclav Slavik, Julian Smart, Robert Roebling and Vadim Zeitlin, February 2002.
Mike Wetherell 2005/2006