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OpenEx - Open Exercises Platform Build Status


OpenEx is a global open source platform allowing organizations to plan, schedule and conduct exercises. OpenEx is an ISO 22398 compliant product and has been designed as a modern web application including a RESTFul API and a UX oriented frontend.

Releases download

The releases are available on the OpenEx website in the releases section. The website also provides a full documentation about installation, usage and administration of the platform.

Status & Bugs

Currently OpenEx is under heavy development, if you wish to report bugs or ask for new features, you can find the product bug tracker here: or directly use the Github issues module.


API [openex-api]

The API is the link between the frontend, the database and the worker, built with the Symfony framework.

Frontend [openex-frontend]

The frontend is the user interface of the product, built with the ReactJS framework.

Worker [openex-worker]

The worker is the executor that send incidents and injects, built with the Karaf framework.


To contribute to the worker development, please follow the next steps to deploy it.


$ git clone
$ cd openex-worker
$ mvn install


Create a directory openex in your main Karaf path.

$ cd /your/karaf/path
$ mkdir openex

Copy the 2 configuration files in the just created directory:

$ cd /your/worker/path
$ cp distribution/src/main/filtered-resources/openex/ /your/karaf/path/openex
$ cp distribution/src/main/filtered-resources/openex/ /your/karaf/path/openex

Modify these files with your own parameters.


$ cd /your/karaf/path
$ cd bin
$ ./karaf

Launch services:

$ feature:repo-add mvn:io.openex/worker-features/1.0.0-SNAPSHOT/xml/features
$ feature:install worker-features