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Automatic vhosts backup to Amazon S3
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Vhost2s3 tool for automatic backup

What is Vhost2s3

Vhost2s3 (vhost2s3) is a free bash script that secures your vhosts data. It puts all content of your vhosts directories to your Amazon S3 bucket with automatic backups.

If you own a shared server you have to backup all your customers data automatically and chronically. Vhost2s3 make it simple with just few settings in config-demo file.


Added the possibility to choice the backup mode between:

  1. vhost mode: to backup a group of directories inside your vhostdir
  2. single mode: to backup your singledir


  • Amazon S3 bucket
  • Vhost2s3 interacts with Amazon S3 thanks the useful S3cmd tool, so before to start to use Vhost2s3 you have to install S3cmd and verify that it works properly

How to use

  1. Create vhost2s3 dir into your home directory
  2. Clone the repo into vhost2s3 dir
  3. Customize required settings in config-demo
  4. Rename config-demo to config
  5. Backup your vhosts
  • for manual backup go into vhost2s3 folder and run bash
  • for automatic backup set an entry in crontab, i.e. 0 4 * * * bash ~/vhost2s3/ > /dev/null 2>&1 to run Vhost2s3 every day at 4am
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