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# trace_oracle_events_12102.stp
# Trace oracle wait events using SystemTap by hooking on the Oracle RDBMS function kskthewt
# kskthewt is called when Oracle updates the wait-related performance counters at the end of the wait.
# The register R13 is found by trial and error to be a pointer into segmented array underlying X$KSUSE
# (roughly speaking a pointer to V$SESSION data). The offset between the value of the register R13 and
# the value of V$SESSION.SADDR for the process/session under examination depends on the Oracle version
# and patchset.
# Additional scripts used to generate this script:
# trace_oracle_events_debug.stp -> use to find the offset between R13 and the base value of X$KSSUE
# ksuse_find_offsets.sql -> use to find the ofssets for the X$KSUSE fields to gather/disply
# eventsname.sql -> optionally use to create a sed script converting event# to event names
# Note also that registers RDI (that is arg1) is set to the timestamp value
# and the register RSI (that is arg2) is set to the wait event number
# How to run: stap -v trace_oracle_events_12102.stp -x <oracle_pid>
# Note: if the -x option is not used this script will trace all running oracle processes
# Dependencies:
# Use systemtap 2.5 or higher
# Kernel must have support for uprobes or utrace (this seems the case for example RHEL7.0 and 6.5)
# The oracle executable should be in the path: add $ORACLE_HOME/bin in $PATH
# Software versions and compatibility:
# Linux RHEL/OL 6.x and 7.x
# Oracle RDBMS
# Version 1.0, Aug 2014 by
# Additional credits for original contributions: @FritsHoogland
# Note: this is experimental code, use at your own risk
probe process("oracle").function("kskthewt") {
xksuse = register("r13")-3928
ksuudnam = user_string(xksuse + 140)
ksusenum = user_uint16(xksuse + 1704)
ksuseopc = user_uint16(xksuse + 1602)
ksusep1 = user_uint64(xksuse + 1608)
ksusep2 = user_uint64(xksuse + 1616)
ksusep3 = user_uint64(xksuse + 1624)
ksusetim = user_uint32(xksuse + 1632)
ksusesqh = user_uint32(xksuse + 1868)
printf("timestamp=%ld, pid=%d, sid=%d, name=%s, event#=%u, p1=%lu, p2=%lu, p3=%lu, wait_time=%u, sql_hash=%u\n", u64_arg(1), pid(), ksusenum, ksuudnam, ksuseopc, ksusep1, ksusep2, ksusep3, ksusetim, ksusesqh)
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