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Examples of Spark SQL with UDF

Spark SQL and UDF are quite powerful tools for data processing. Here are a few "fun" examples to illustrate some of the main techniques and tools with splashy graphics.

Doc Short description
Spark_SQL_UDF_example_Mandelbrot_Python.md Spark SQL + UDF, Mandelbrot set example in Scala
Spark_SQL_UDF_example_Mandelbrot_Scala.md Spark SQL + UDF, Mandelbrot set example in Python
Spark_SQL_UDF_example_Mandelbrot_Images.png Output images of the Mandelbrot set example
Spark_SQL_UDF_example_notebook_Mandelbrot_Scala_Jupyter_Toree.ipynb Jupyter notebook with Python kernel
Spark_SQL_UDF_example_notebook_Mandelbrot_Jupyter_Python.ipynb Jupyter notebook in Scala with Apache Toree kernel
SparkSQL_withUDF_Mandelbrot_Set_Scala_Databricks SparkSQL_withUDF_Mandelbrot_Set_Python_Databricks Notebooks on Databricks platform (community edition)

Eye candy: visualization of the Mandelbrot set using Spark SQL

Mandelbrot SQL in color


Author: @LucaCanaliDB, January 2017