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Use sparkMeasure to instrument Python/PySpark code

SparkMeasure can be used to instrument your Python code to measure Apache Spark workload. Use this for example for performance troubleshooting, application instrumentation, workload studies, etc.

Run sparkMeasure using the packaged version from Maven Central

  • The alternative, see paragraph above, is to build a jar from master.
    bin/spark-submit --packages
    // or just download and use the jar (it is only needed in the driver) as in:
    bin/spark-submit --conf spark.driver.extraClassPath=<path>/spark-measure_2.11-0.13.jar ...

Download and build sparkMeasure (optional)

  • If you want to build from the latest development version:
    git clone
    cd sparkmeasure
    sbt package
    ls -l target/scala-2.11/spark-measure*.jar  # location of the compiled jar
    cd python
    pip install .
    # Run as in one of these examples:
    bin/spark-submit --jars path>/spark-measure_2.11-0.14-SNAPSHOT.jar ...
    # alternative, set classpath for the driver (it is only needed in the driver)
    bin/spark-submit --conf spark.driver.extraClassPath=<path>/spark-measure_2.11-0.14-SNAPSHOT.jar ...

Example code

You can find an example of how to instrument a Scala application running Apache Spark jobs at this link:
link to example Python application

How to run the example:

./bin/spark-submit --packages

Some relevant snippet of code are:

   from sparkmeasure import StageMetrics
   stagemetrics = StageMetrics(spark)

   spark.sql("select count(*) from range(1000) cross join range(1000) cross join range(1000)").show()

   # print report to standard output

   # save session metrics data in json format (default)
   df = stagemetrics.create_stagemetrics_DF("PerfStageMetrics")
   stagemetrics.save_data(df.orderBy("jobId", "stageId"), "/tmp/stagemetrics_test1")

   aggregatedDF = stagemetrics.aggregate_stagemetrics_DF("PerfStageMetrics")
   stagemetrics.save_data(aggregatedDF, "/tmp/stagemetrics_report_test2")

Note: if you want to collect metrics at the task execution level, you can use TaskMetrics instead of StamgeMetrics. The details are discussed in the examples for Python shell and notebook.