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A list of TODO tasks, ideas and known issues of sparkMeasure

Use this list as a reference for future development. If you plan to contribute to sparkMeasure development, please start by reviewing this list.

Known issues and TODO list

  • TODO: Measure and report Task/stage failures and other errors are not handled well by the code in this version, this puts the effort on the user to validate the output.
  • TODO: Task metrics values collected by sparkMeasure are only for successfully executed tasks. Note that resources used by failed tasks are not collected in the current version. Can this be improved?
  • We can expected more task metrics being added in future versions. Current code is not version aware and does not offer and easy way to handle additional metrics only for newer versions without breaking backward compatibility.
    TODO: implement Spark version awareness and custom list of metrics in sparkMeasure
    + Following SPARK PR 18249 add support for the metric remoteBytesReadToDisk Task Metric (this is relevant for Spark 2.3.x and above).
  • TODO: Flight recorder mode, task metrics, find ways to write metrics out to output files incrementally, rather than using the current approach of buffering everything in memory and writing at the end? The current approach has obvious scalability issues.
  • TODO: write more tests to be executed by travis CI
  • TODO: add code/exceptions to handle error conditions that can arise in sparkMeasure code
  • TODO: add more statistics related to job execution, for example report start/min/max.number of executors the job had, which is useful in the case of yarn with spark dynamic allocation
  • TODO (maybe): add additional sinks for the collected metrics and aggregations besides prometheus, two possible candidates are Kafka and InfluxDB
  • TODO (maybe): remove _updatedBlockStatuses from the list of metrics collected by spakMeasure This follows SPARK PR 18162 TaskMetrics._updatedBlockStatuses is off by default.
  • TODO (maybe) implement in sparkMeasure the removeSparkListener method, to allow stopping data collection from sparkMeasure. (note this is only possible from Spark versions 2.2 and above)
  • TODO (maybe) add additional sink for the flight recorder mode, in particular add HDFS support for writing flight recorder metrics (currently metrics are written to the local filesystem of the driver)
  • gatherAccumulables=true for taskMetrics(sparkSession: SparkSession, gatherAccumulables: Boolean) currently only works on Spark 2.1.x and breaks from Spark 2.2.1. This is a consequence of SPARK PR 17596.
    TODO (maybe): restore the functionality of measuring task accumulables for Spark 2.2.x
  • TODO (maybe): post-processing of metrics data in scala, rather than Spark SQL? The advantage would be not to "pollute" the execution environment with additional SQL jobs as is the case now.
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