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Fake stream endpoint to stream locally with a sony camera
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Sony Cameras Stream Receiver

How to receive the sony cameras stream directly locally in your computer.

The software creates a rtmp server and shows the streams in the address command line

You can consume the stream with any software that supports rtmp connecting to:


channel_number: you can find the instructions to find the channel_number below

live_number: The application will write this once the camera starts streaming


2018-11-3 23:06:02 5092 [INFO] [rtmp publish] New stream. id=... streamPath=/<channel_number>/broadcaster/live2744 streamId=1

Run the application

npm i
sudo node ./index.js --web.channel_number=<channel_number> --dns.external_ip=<external_ip>


Channel number

Ustream channel number should be passed when starting the software with --web.channel_number=<channel_number>

To get the channel number visit and, after login, you'll see the channel number at the end of the url:


DNS spoofing

You need to redirect all request to to your computer, the module can do the job for you but it needs help.

  1. use the --dns.external_ip=<address> command line option (address should be the IP of your computer in the local network)
  2. set your router to use your local computer as dns server

Persist configuration

The configuration can be persisted creating a .scsrrc file in the local directory containing:

    "web": {
        "channel_number": <channel_number>
    "dns": {
        "external_ip": "external_ip"
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