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Play Lambda Wars.bat

Lambda Wars

Lambda Wars is an asteroids-like game made in Haskell, using the Gloss graphics library. We made it for an assignment for uni, but because it worked out quite nice we decided to put it on GitHub.

###Made by:

###Running the game (simple): Make sure you have the Haskell platform installed: download here.
Download and extract from Mediafire, this contains the latest (stable) version of the game.
Run lambda-wars.exe, and play!

###Running the game (latest commit): If you have the Haskell platform and Gloss installed, run "Play Lambda Wars.bat". This is a simple batch file which will automatically build the game and copy all resources. Note: this builds the game from the last commit, which may contain bugs etc.

###Controls: Thrust: Arrow key up
Rotate ship: Arrow keys left and right
Shoot: Space
Quit game: Escape

###Powerups: The game contains several powerups, which are represented by different characters.
The powerups (and its character):

  • Plus 1 score multiplier (+)
  • 5 Seconds invulnerability (I)
  • Plus 1 life, max 5 (<3)