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Pentaho CDF Angular Boilerplate

Boilerplate to Pentaho BIServer using Angular and Community Dashboard Framework (CDF).

Configuration file

  • Run npm install and bower install to install dependencies
  • Open gulp > import-conf.js and change the paths between START and END comments to your project paths.
/* START: change these paths */

// bi-server import-export file path
var bi_server_command_path = '../../repositories/biserver-ce/';

// Dev (default) environment
var petaho_URL           = 'http://localhost:8080/pentaho',
    pentaho_username     = 'Admin',
    pentaho_password     = 'password';

// Set homologation environment and run with -e flag (ex.: gulp -e hom)
if(argv.e === 'hom') {
    petaho_URL           = '',
    pentaho_username     = '',
    pentaho_password     = '';
// Set production environment and run with -e flag (ex.: gulp -e prod)
else if(argv.e === 'prod') {
    petaho_URL           = '',
    pentaho_username     = '',
    pentaho_password     = '';

    // Pentaho project path. This will generate the root folder of your
    // project in pentaho bi-server
var project_path      = 'myDashboard',
    // Pentaho source path. This path will be used to generate a development
    // folder in pentaho bi-server
    pentaho_path      = '/' + project_path,
    // Pentaho dist path. This path will be used to generate a dist (production)
    // folder in pentaho bi-server
    pentaho_dist_path = '/',
    // User file path. NOTE: this path should be relative to your bi-server
    zipfile_path      = '../../seed/pentaho/zip/';

/* END: change these paths */
  • bi_server_command_path - path of pentaho import-export{.sh|.bat} file
  • petaho_URL - pentaho server url
  • pentaho_username - pentaho username
  • pentaho_password - pentaho password
  • pentaho_import - command to import zip files to pentaho biserver
  • pentaho_path - default pentaho path
  • pentaho_dist_path - default pentaho dist path
  • zipfile_path - user zip file path used in import command

Add new pentaho components

Open the and see how to add new pentaho components.

Create CDA files

To create cda files, you must use the folder assets/cdas. These files will be used in the components.service.js, you need change the _cdasPath present in the file to your dashboard pentaho path.

Import bower files

gulp import:bower

Import cda files

gulp import:cda

Start watch to source files

gulp serve

A index.xcdf will be imported in pentaho and you will use it to open your dashboard.

Build dist

  • Dev environment
  • Hom environment (the -e flag can be used in all tasks)
gulp -e hom
  • Prod environment (the -e flag can be used in all tasks)
gulp -e prod

Start tests server

gulp test

This command will watch the tests files like gulp serve command. A test.xcdf will be imported in pentaho and you will use it to open your test dashboard.

Known issues

  1. The command gulp import:bower sometimes don't import all files. When this happens, you need run this command more times until all files be imported.

  2. When you install some bower component with bower install and an error with define expression appear, you should open the file imported in bower_components and remove all define(...) present in the archive. This error is some incompatibility with pentaho requirejs.

Example of result of pentaho browse files


Pentaho CDF Angular Boilerplate





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