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Pentaho CDF React Boilerplate

Boilerplate to Pentaho BIServer using React and Community Dashboard Framework (CDF).


Getting Start

  1. Run npm install
  2. Run gulp dev to development and gulp prod to production


  1. You can edit the configurations in gulp/config.js file
// bi-server import-export file path
const biServerCommandPath = '../biserver-ce/';

// Dev (default) environment
const pentahoURL = 'http://localhost:8080/pentaho';
const pentahoUsername = 'Admin';
const pentahoPassword = 'password';

// Pentaho project path. This will generate the root folder of your
// project in pentaho bi-server
const projectPath      = 'MyDashboard';
// Pentaho source path. This path will be used to generate a development
// folder in pentaho bi-server
const pentahoPath      = '/';
// Pentaho dist path. This path will be used to generate a dist (production)
// folder in pentaho bi-server
const pentahoDistPath  = '/';
// Pentaho source subpath. This subpath will be used as subpath of css and js
// files in bi-server. Note: You should change the index.html to adapt to this
// new path
const pentahoSubPath   = '/my_dashboard/';
// User file path. NOTE: this path should be relative to your bi-server
const zipfilePath      = '../pentaho-cdf-react-boilerplate/zip/';

Known issues

  1. When you install some npm module with npm install and an error with define expression appear, you should open the file imported in node_modules and remove all define(...) present in the archive. This error is some incompatibility with pentaho requirejs.