La Fabrique DIY notification box
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This is the python code used in this video :

If you want to run it.

Connect a wifi dongle, some rgb LEDS and a speaker to your raspberry pi.

Make sure you have git installed on your raspberry :

sudo apt-get install git

Clone the repo

git clone

Go inside the notification folder

cd notification-box

Update the variables inside the file with your API credentials. You can use nano or vim to edit the file. You can also control the Refresh time of the box, the GPIO you want to use...


Run the script


If the sound is too slow, maybe you shoud use the pygame mixer to display it. Place this code at the top of the file :

import pygame.mixer
from pygame.mixer import Sound
pygame.mixer.init(48000, -16, 1, 1024)
blop = pygame.mixer.Sound("blop.wav")
applause = pygame.mixer.Sound("applause.wav")

And replace["sudo", "omxplayer", "blop.wav"])