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# Author: Lucas Roelser <>
ssl_expriy_lambda uses the ssl_expiry script to allow you to check a list of
SSL certificate expiration dates via AWS Gateway.
See the README for configuration information
import json
import logging
import os
import ssl_expiry
loglevel = os.environ.get('LOGLEVEL', 'INFO')
numeric_level = getattr(logging, loglevel.upper(), None)
if not isinstance(numeric_level, int):
raise ValueError('Invalid log level: %s' % loglevel)
logger = logging.getLogger('SSLVerifyLambda')
def main(event, *args, **kwargs) -> list:
# use the env var HOSTLIST to define a default list of hostnames
HOST_LIST = os.environ.get('HOSTLIST', '').split(',')
EXPIRY_BUFFER = int(os.environ.get('EXPIRY_BUFFER', '14'))
# pull any additional hostnames from the potential AWS Gateway
# event object
query_params = event.get('params', {}).get('querystring', {})
additional_hosts = query_params.get('host_list', '').split(',')
except Exception:
additional_hosts = []
# cleanup the host list
HOST_LIST += additional_hosts
HOST_LIST = filter(None, (x.strip() for x in HOST_LIST))
logger.debug('Testing hosts {}'.format(HOST_LIST))
response = [
ssl_expiry.test_host(host, buffer_days=EXPIRY_BUFFER)
for host in HOST_LIST
for msg in response:
if 'error' in msg or 'expire' in msg:
error = {
'message': 'Cert Errors',
'results': response,
'additional_hosts': additional_hosts,
raise Exception(json.dumps(error))
return {
'message': 'All certs are fine',
'results': response,
'additional_hosts': additional_hosts,
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