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LW logo - v3

The third iteration of built with HTML, and CSS.

Previous iterations: v1, v2

Table of Contents

Want to use this as your own portfolio?

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Iteration 3 of my personal website which I built to help practice with responsiveness, accessibility and because my last website wasn't the best. It was lacking in a lot of places.

This website was fully designed by myself using Figma after I was done binge watching Design Course on YouTube. I've recently gotten back into web development and I wanted to create something that looked great and responded great with different device sizes. This project is being hosted on Netlify and I'm using Vite to help make development easier.

Getting Started

Follow these steps in order to get the website up and running locally on your machine.


  • Clone or download the repository then navigate to the root directory

  • Install all required dependencies

    npm install
  • Host a local development server

    npm run dev
  • Host a local development server that is exposed to your network

    npm run devExposed


  • Build the application for production

    npm run build
  • Start a local server that serves the built application

    npm run preview


Inspired by: Brittany Chiang @

  • Borrowed her custom easing for animations and slide up animaton style.

Help from: Xander Drinnan @

  • Pointed me in the right direction for tons of things and helped out with a lot of my issues



Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.