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import sys
from datetime import datetime
from multiprocessing import cpu_count
from twisted.internet import reactor, defer, protocol, error
from twisted.application.service import Service
from twisted.python import log
from scrapy.utils.python import stringify_dict
from scrapyd.utils import get_crawl_args
from .interfaces import IPoller, IEnvironment
class Launcher(Service):
name = 'launcher'
def __init__(self, config, app):
self.processes = {}
self.finished = []
self.finished_to_keep = config.getint('finished_to_keep', 100)
self.max_proc = config.getint('max_proc', 0)
if not self.max_proc:
self.max_proc = cpu_count() * config.getint('max_proc_per_cpu', 4)
self.runner = config.get('runner', 'scrapyd.runner') = app
def startService(self):
for slot in range(self.max_proc):
log.msg("%s started: max_proc=%r, runner=%r" % (, \
self.max_proc, self.runner), system="Launcher")
def _wait_for_project(self, slot):
poller =, slot)
def _spawn_process(self, message, slot):
msg = stringify_dict(message, keys_only=False)
project = msg['_project']
args = [sys.executable, '-m', self.runner, 'crawl']
args += get_crawl_args(msg)
e =
env = e.get_environment(msg, slot)
env = stringify_dict(env, keys_only=False)
pp = ScrapyProcessProtocol(slot, project, msg['_spider'], \
msg['_job'], env)
pp.deferred.addBoth(self._process_finished, slot)
reactor.spawnProcess(pp, sys.executable, args=args, env=env)
self.processes[slot] = pp
def _process_finished(self, _, slot):
process = self.processes.pop(slot)
process.end_time =
del self.finished[:-self.finished_to_keep] # keep last 100 finished jobs
class ScrapyProcessProtocol(protocol.ProcessProtocol):
def __init__(self, slot, project, spider, job, env):
self.slot = slot = None
self.project = project
self.spider = spider
self.job = job
self.start_time =
self.end_time = None
self.env = env
self.logfile = env['SCRAPY_LOG_FILE']
self.itemsfile = env['SCRAPY_FEED_URI']
self.deferred = defer.Deferred()
def outReceived(self, data):
log.msg(data.rstrip(), system="Launcher,%d/stdout" %
def errReceived(self, data):
log.msg(data.rstrip(), system="Launcher,%d/stderr" %
def connectionMade(self): =
self.log("Process started: ")
def processEnded(self, status):
if isinstance(status.value, error.ProcessDone):
self.log("Process finished: ")
self.log("Process died: exitstatus=%r " % status.value.exitCode)
def log(self, msg):
msg += "project=%r spider=%r job=%r pid=%r log=%r items=%r" % (self.project, \
self.spider, self.job,, self.logfile, self.itemsfile)
log.msg(msg, system="Launcher")
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