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#!/usr/bin/env python
Example script to control a Scrapy server using its JSON-RPC web service.
It only provides a reduced functionality as its main purpose is to illustrate
how to write a web service client. Feel free to improve or write you own.
Also, keep in mind that the JSON-RPC API is not stable. The recommended way for
controlling a Scrapy server is through the execution queue (see the "queue"
import sys, optparse, urllib, json
from urlparse import urljoin
from scrapy.utils.jsonrpc import jsonrpc_client_call, JsonRpcError
def get_commands():
return {
'help': cmd_help,
'run': cmd_run,
'stop': cmd_stop,
'list-available': cmd_list_available,
'list-running': cmd_list_running,
'list-resources': cmd_list_resources,
'get-global-stats': cmd_get_global_stats,
'get-spider-stats': cmd_get_spider_stats,
def cmd_help(args, opts):
"""help - list available commands"""
print "Available commands:"
for _, func in sorted(get_commands().items()):
print " ", func.__doc__
def cmd_run(args, opts):
"""run <spider_name> - schedule spider for running"""
jsonrpc_call(opts, 'crawler/queue', 'append_spider_name', args[0])
def cmd_stop(args, opts):
"""stop <spider> - stop a running spider"""
jsonrpc_call(opts, 'crawler/engine', 'close_spider', args[0])
def cmd_list_running(args, opts):
"""list-running - list running spiders"""
for x in json_get(opts, 'crawler/engine/open_spiders'):
print x
def cmd_list_available(args, opts):
"""list-available - list name of available spiders"""
for x in jsonrpc_call(opts, 'crawler/spiders', 'list'):
print x
def cmd_list_resources(args, opts):
"""list-resources - list available web service resources"""
for x in json_get(opts, '')['resources']:
print x
def cmd_get_spider_stats(args, opts):
"""get-spider-stats <spider> - get stats of a running spider"""
stats = jsonrpc_call(opts, 'stats', 'get_stats', args[0])
for name, value in stats.items():
print "%-40s %s" % (name, value)
def cmd_get_global_stats(args, opts):
"""get-global-stats - get global stats"""
stats = jsonrpc_call(opts, 'stats', 'get_stats')
for name, value in stats.items():
print "%-40s %s" % (name, value)
def get_wsurl(opts, path):
return urljoin("http://%s:%s/"% (, opts.port), path)
def jsonrpc_call(opts, path, method, *args, **kwargs):
url = get_wsurl(opts, path)
return jsonrpc_client_call(url, method, *args, **kwargs)
def json_get(opts, path):
url = get_wsurl(opts, path)
return json.loads(urllib.urlopen(url).read())
def parse_opts():
usage = "%prog [options] <command> [arg] ..."
description = "Scrapy web service control script. Use '%prog help' " \
"to see the list of available commands."
op = optparse.OptionParser(usage=usage, description=description)
op.add_option("-H", dest="host", default="localhost", \
help="Scrapy host to connect to")
op.add_option("-P", dest="port", type="int", default=6080, \
help="Scrapy port to connect to")
opts, args = op.parse_args()
if not args:
cmdname, cmdargs, opts = args[0], args[1:], opts
commands = get_commands()
if cmdname not in commands:
sys.stderr.write("Unknown command: %s\n\n" % cmdname)
cmd_help(None, None)
return commands[cmdname], cmdargs, opts
def main():
cmd, args, opts = parse_opts()
cmd(args, opts)
except IndexError:
print cmd.__doc__
except JsonRpcError, e:
print str(e)
print "Server Traceback below:"
if __name__ == '__main__':
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