MiniMax engine for game decision making
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MiniMax engine in PHP

This library provides easy integration of the MiniMax game decision making algorithm into your game, using a simple interface to separate the algorithm from the game logic.


To use this library, first make sure you implement each interface in lucidtaz\minimax\game.

Then, simply construct an instance of lucidtaz\minimax\engine\Engine, give it the Player to act as, and when it is the player's turn, call the decide() method. This will result in the GameState instance that results after the engine takes its move.

In code:

class MyPlayer implements \lucidtaz\minimax\game\Player

class MyGameState implements \lucidtaz\minimax\game\GameState

$player = new MyPlayer(...);
$engine = new \lucidtaz\minimax\engine\Engine($player);

$gameState = new MyGameState(...);

$newGameState = $engine->decide($gameState);

For an example, see the tests/tictactoe directory or any of the other sample game implementations in tests/.