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Pinhook IRC bot for #infometeo on EpiKnet
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A Python IRC bot, built using the pinhook framework, for the french community Infométéo.


If you want to delve into the code of this bot, you may want to learn a bit about some of the private jokes of our community. This is a short reference to parts that are potentially relevant to this bot.

Fighting with your keyboard of with words, making spelling mistakes and strange, often funny constructs. There are multiple categories of wrestling, such as shift-wrestling, when you shift by one key on your keyboard, turning words like 'hey' into 'jru'.
Our way to say "hello". Derived from "re", the French slang for "rebonjour" or "hi again". On an Azerty keyboard, shifting by one key to the left when typing "re" will give you "ez"; this is an example of shift-wrestling. Rule 1 of our official rules forbid using "re" and forces you to use "ez", including at the beginning of words: 'render' becomes 'eznder'.
Abbreviation for "ça va ?" (how are you?).
A Markov bot using a heavily customized version of benzo which has been running on the channel since 2009.

The French word "réchaud", but the "re" is replaced by "ez", as per Rule 1.

A réchaud is a camping stove; we have a tradition of role-playing using camping stoves to cook literally anything, especially whatever XDay invents and anything that cannot or should not be cooked on a camping stove. We have an official Ezchaud cooking protocol and an Ezchaud commissionner in charge of monitoring the proper application of this protocol.


The Agence XDay Presse, or XDay News Agency, a parody of the Agence France-Presse (AFP), a French news agency. We often share things XDay says as "news" on the channel, by prefixing our messages with a white "AXP" on a blue background, and sometimes adding categories.

Our categories include Space, for updates on space news, especially upcoming rocket launches and live video feeds, and Gore for trains, as trains are considerered gore as per Rule 7.

Football (or soccer for Americans) is enjoyed by multiple members of the community. However, other members, including Lucidiot, strongly dislike it. It has become a tradition for football haters to insult football whenever it is discussed in the channel, using /me cule votre foot, as in "/me has butt-related intercourse with your football".
A blank is a lack of activity on an IRC channel. As per Rule 12, one can declare a blank after two minutes of inactivity, and as per Rule 11, one may replace the color "white" with "blank", as white is written "blanc" in French.
An interjection that came from an online multiplayer dominos game a few of us played a while ago; when you could not place any dominos and could not draw any more, it showed a popup that said "Blocked" and moved to the next player.


  • Possibly move lucibot.generator to a separate Python package, since it is generic enough
  • Move to pinhook?
  • Commands to retrieve launch updates and show Space AXPs automatically
  • Try out a class-based plugin system to help with pinhook's developement
  • Documentation
  • Unit tests
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