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LuckPerms is a permission plugin for Minecraft servers, written in Java.

LuckPermsWeb (this repository) contains the website for the project and a number of web apps which supplement the plugin, all written in HTML/JavaScript using the Vue framework.


  • Development takes place on the master branch.
  • The production site at is automatically built from the production branch.
  • An older (pre Vue rewrite) version of the site is on the v1 branch.


Contributions are greatly appreciated! Just make a pull request with your changes.


Use the following command to clone (and include the wiki submodule):

git clone --recursive


Once it is cloned, move into the new directory and install the dependencies:

cd LuckPermsWeb
npm install

Compile and setup hot-reloads for development

When making changes to the app, you can run a local copy with the following command:

npm run serve

This will automatically open a new tab in your default browser with the app running on a local server. When you make changes to the files, the app will "hot-reload" with the new updates.

Compile for production

To build the project to a folder that can be accessed via a webserver, run this command (output is in the /dist directory):

npm run build

Self hosting

There is a convenient installation script provided for self hosting the web apps.

For more details, see here.