The firmware for the touchy MIDI adapter.
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Touchy MIDI Controller Firmware

This is the firmware for Touchy using the MIDI controller adapter. This is a MIDI adapter for the Touchy project of the Boldport Club.

All generated files and any file with a copyright were removed from this repository. Before a build, you have to regenerate all these files.

Notes About the Code

To program this Silicon Labs EFM8 Sleepy Bee Family chips with the Simplicity Studio, one has to use the Keil compiler. This compiler is language wise very outdated and does not even support the C99 standard. Therefore many really important language features can not be properly used. Especially ones which lead to a much cleaner and safer code, like flexible location of the variable declarations.

I recommend to use other MCUs where the manufacturer provides a development environment which is supporting C++ or C supporting the most recent language features.

Hardware Schema

The Schema for the Touchy MIDI Controller