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This is a new variable thickness Ada 2012 binding to SDL 2.x.y ( This means that things are wrapped when they need to be into a thicker binding and those things that can just be imported, are.

There will still be a need to use conditional compilation for the various platforms as there will be some platform specifics which cannot be abstracted out leanly, but this will be reduced as much as possible.

The bindings are only generated for the specific parts of SDL which Ada does not already have support for, i.e. threads are not bound as Ada has tasking support built in.

Usage, Licence & Attribution

SDLAda is distributed under the same zlib licence as the SDL libary is. You may use this library as in any way you like whether free or commercial. I would add that whilst you don't have to state that your game uses this library, I would prefer it if you did, in fact, I'm asking you to.


There are a number of variables which can be set to control the compilation:

SDL_PLATFORM = Can be set to one of the following values: linux, windows, macosx, ios or android SDL_MODE = Can be one of: debug or release. Defaults to debug. SDL_BUILD = Can be one of: static or shared. Defaults to a statically built library.

cd build/gnat
make SDL_PLATFORM=linux SDL_BUILD=static SDL_MODE=release


make SDL_PLATFORM=linux SDL_BUILD=static SDL_MODE=release DESTDIT=/myprefix install


Copyright (C) 2013-2016 by Luke A. Guest


I have tried to model the types correctly, but remember SDL is a C library and some things may not make sense. Please file a bug report if you use this library and find that a type does not cover enough values for cross-platform use.

Possible TODO's

Anything listed here is a question of whether it's required.

  • Do we need to hook into the Assert module? To raise an exception maybe?

Current version


SDL version tested against


Bound functions

Name Bound Won't bind
SDL_AddEventWatch n
SDL_AddHintCallback n
SDL_AddTimer n
SDL_AllocFormat y
SDL_AllocPalette y
SDL_AllocRW n
SDL_AndroidGetActivity n
SDL_AndroidGetExternalStoragePath n
SDL_AndroidGetExternalStorageState n
SDL_AndroidGetInternalStoragePath n
SDL_AndroidGetJNIEnv n
SDL_AtomicAdd n
SDL_AtomicCAS n
SDL_AtomicCASPtr n
SDL_AtomicDecRef n
SDL_AtomicGet n
SDL_AtomicGetPtr n
SDL_AtomicIncRef n
SDL_AtomicLock n
SDL_AtomicSet n
SDL_AtomicSetPtr n
SDL_AtomicTryLock n
SDL_AtomicUnlock n
SDL_AudioInit n
SDL_AudioQuit n
SDL_BlitScaled y
SDL_BlitSurface y
SDL_BuildAudioCVT n
SDL_CalculateGammaRamp y
SDL_CaptureMouse y
SDL_ClearError y
SDL_ClearHints y
SDL_ClearQueuedAudio n
SDL_CloseAudio n
SDL_CloseAudioDevice n
SDL_CompilerBarrier n
SDL_CondBroadcast n
SDL_CondSignal n
SDL_CondWait n
SDL_CondWaitTimeout n
SDL_ConvertAudio n
SDL_ConvertPixels n
SDL_ConvertSurface n
SDL_ConvertSurfaceFormat n
SDL_CreateColorCursor n
SDL_CreateCond n
SDL_CreateCursor n
SDL_CreateMutex n
SDL_CreateRGBSurface y
SDL_CreateRGBSurfaceFrom n
SDL_CreateRenderer y
SDL_CreateSemaphore n
SDL_CreateSoftwareRenderer y
SDL_CreateSystemCursor n
SDL_CreateTexture y
SDL_CreateTextureFromSurface y
SDL_CreateThread n
SDL_CreateWindow y
SDL_CreateWindowAndRenderer n
SDL_CreateWindowFrom y
SDL_DXGIGetOutputInfo n
SDL_DelEventWatch n
SDL_DelHintCallback n
SDL_Delay n
SDL_DestroyCond n
SDL_DestroyMutex n
SDL_DestroyRenderer y
SDL_DestroySemaphore n
SDL_DestroyTexture y
SDL_DestroyWindow y
SDL_DetachThread n
SDL_Direct3D9GetAdapterIndex n
SDL_DisableScreenSaver y
SDL_EnableScreenSaver y
SDL_EnclosePoints y
SDL_EventState n
SDL_FillRect y
SDL_FillRects y
SDL_FilterEvents n
SDL_FlushEvent n
SDL_FlushEvents n
SDL_FreeCursor n
SDL_FreeFormat y
SDL_FreePalette y
SDL_FreeRW n
SDL_FreeSurface y
SDL_GL_BindTexture y
SDL_GL_CreateContext y
SDL_GL_DeleteContext y
SDL_GL_ExtensionSupported y
SDL_GL_GetAttribute y
SDL_GL_GetCurrentContext y
SDL_GL_GetCurrentWindow n
SDL_GL_GetDrawableSize y
SDL_GL_GetProcAddress y
SDL_GL_GetSwapInterval y
SDL_GL_LoadLibrary y
SDL_GL_MakeCurrent y
SDL_GL_ResetAttributes y
SDL_GL_SetAttribute y
SDL_GL_SetSwapInterval y
SDL_GL_SwapWindow y
SDL_GL_UnbindTexture y
SDL_GL_UnloadLibrary y
SDL_GameControllerAddMapping y
SDL_GameControllerAddMappingsFromFile y
SDL_GameControllerAddMappingsFromRW n
SDL_GameControllerClose y
SDL_GameControllerEventState y
SDL_GameControllerGetAttached y
SDL_GameControllerGetAxis y
SDL_GameControllerGetAxisFromString y
SDL_GameControllerGetBindForAxis y
SDL_GameControllerGetBindForButton y
SDL_GameControllerGetButton y
SDL_GameControllerGetButtonFromString y
SDL_GameControllerGetJoystick y
SDL_GameControllerGetStringForAxis y
SDL_GameControllerGetStringForButton y
SDL_GameControllerMapping y
SDL_GameControllerMappingForGUID y
SDL_GameControllerName y
SDL_GameControllerNameForIndex y
SDL_GameControllerOpen y
SDL_GameControllerUpdate y
SDL_GetAssertionHandler n
SDL_GetAssertionReport n
SDL_GetAudioDeviceName n
SDL_GetAudioDeviceStatus n
SDL_GetAudioDriver n
SDL_GetAudioStatus n
SDL_GetBasePath n
SDL_GetCPUCacheLineSize y
SDL_GetCPUCount y
SDL_GetClipRect y
SDL_GetClipboardText y
SDL_GetClosestDisplayMode y
SDL_GetColorKey y
SDL_GetCurrentAudioDriver n
SDL_GetCurrentDisplayMode y
SDL_GetCurrentVideoDriver y
SDL_GetCursor n
SDL_GetDefaultAssertionHandler n
SDL_GetDefaultCursor n
SDL_GetDesktopDisplayMode y
SDL_GetDisplayBounds y
SDL_GetDisplayMode y
SDL_GetDisplayName n
SDL_GetError y
SDL_GetEventFilter n
SDL_GetGlobalMouseState y
SDL_GetHint y
SDL_GetKeyFromName y
SDL_GetKeyFromScancode y
SDL_GetKeyName y
SDL_GetKeyboardFocus y
SDL_GetKeyboardState n
SDL_GetModState y
SDL_GetMouseFocus n
SDL_GetMouseState y
SDL_GetNumAudioDevices n
SDL_GetNumAudioDrivers n
SDL_GetNumDisplayModes y
SDL_GetNumRenderDrivers y
SDL_GetNumTouchDevices n
SDL_GetNumTouchFingers n
SDL_GetNumVideoDisplays y
SDL_GetNumVideoDrivers y
SDL_GetPerformanceCounter n
SDL_GetPerformanceFrequency n
SDL_GetPixelFormatName y
SDL_GetPlatform n *
SDL_GetPowerInfo y
SDL_GetPrefPath n
SDL_GetQueuedAudioSize n
SDL_GetRelativeMouseMode y
SDL_GetRelativeMouseState y
SDL_GetRenderDrawBlendMode y
SDL_GetRenderDrawColor y
SDL_GetRenderDriverInfo n
SDL_GetRenderTarget n
SDL_GetRenderer y
SDL_GetRendererInfo n
SDL_GetRendererOutputSize n
SDL_GetRevision y
SDL_GetRevisionNumber y
SDL_GetScancodeFromKey y
SDL_GetScancodeFromName y
SDL_GetScancodeName y
SDL_GetSurfaceAlphaMod y
SDL_GetSurfaceBlendMode y
SDL_GetSurfaceColorMod y
SDL_GetSystemRAM n
SDL_GetTextureAlphaMod y
SDL_GetTextureBlendMode y
SDL_GetTextureColorMod y
SDL_GetThreadID n
SDL_GetThreadName n
SDL_GetTicks n
SDL_GetTouchDevice n
SDL_GetTouchFinger n
SDL_GetVersion y
SDL_GetVideoDriver y
SDL_GetWindowBrightness y
SDL_GetWindowData y
SDL_GetWindowDisplayIndex y
SDL_GetWindowDisplayMode y
SDL_GetWindowFlags y
SDL_GetWindowFromID y
SDL_GetWindowGammaRamp y
SDL_GetWindowGrab y
SDL_GetWindowID y
SDL_GetWindowMaximumSize y
SDL_GetWindowMinimumSize y
SDL_GetWindowPixelFormat y
SDL_GetWindowPosition y
SDL_GetWindowSize y
SDL_GetWindowSurface y
SDL_GetWindowTitle y
SDL_GetWindowWMInfo y
SDL_HapticClose n
SDL_HapticDestroyEffect n
SDL_HapticEffectSupported n
SDL_HapticGetEffectStatus n
SDL_HapticIndex n
SDL_HapticName n
SDL_HapticNewEffect n
SDL_HapticNumAxes n
SDL_HapticNumEffects n
SDL_HapticNumEffectsPlaying n
SDL_HapticOpen n
SDL_HapticOpenFromJoystick n
SDL_HapticOpenFromMouse n
SDL_HapticOpened n
SDL_HapticPause n
SDL_HapticQuery n
SDL_HapticRumbleInit n
SDL_HapticRumblePlay n
SDL_HapticRumbleStop n
SDL_HapticRumbleSupported n
SDL_HapticRunEffect n
SDL_HapticSetAutocenter n
SDL_HapticSetGain n
SDL_HapticStopAll n
SDL_HapticStopEffect n
SDL_HapticUnpause n
SDL_HapticUpdateEffect n
SDL_Has3DNow y
SDL_HasAltiVec y
SDL_HasClipboardText y
SDL_HasEvent n
SDL_HasEvents n
SDL_HasIntersection y
SDL_HasSSE41 y
SDL_HasSSE42 n
SDL_HasScreenKeyboardSupport y
SDL_HideWindow y
SDL_Init y
SDL_InitSubSystem y
SDL_IntersectRect y
SDL_IntersectRectAndLine y
SDL_IsGameController y
SDL_IsScreenKeyboardShown y
SDL_IsScreenSaverEnabled y
SDL_IsTextInputActive y
SDL_JoystickClose y
SDL_JoystickEventState y
SDL_JoystickFromInstanceID n
SDL_JoystickGetAttached y
SDL_JoystickGetAxis y
SDL_JoystickGetBall y
SDL_JoystickGetButton y
SDL_JoystickGetDeviceGUID y
SDL_JoystickGetGUID y
SDL_JoystickGetGUIDFromString y
SDL_JoystickGetGUIDString y
SDL_JoystickGetHat y
SDL_JoystickInstanceID y
SDL_JoystickIsHaptic y
SDL_JoystickName y
SDL_JoystickNameForIndex y
SDL_JoystickNumAxes y
SDL_JoystickNumBalls y
SDL_JoystickNumButtons y
SDL_JoystickNumHats y
SDL_JoystickOpen y
SDL_JoystickUpdate y
SDL_LoadDollarTemplates n
SDL_LoadFunction y
SDL_LoadObject y
SDL_LockAudio n
SDL_LockAudioDevice n
SDL_LockMutex n
SDL_LockSurface y
SDL_LockTexture y
SDL_Log y
SDL_LogCritical y
SDL_LogDebug y
SDL_LogError y
SDL_LogGetOutputFunction n
SDL_LogGetPriority n
SDL_LogInfo y
SDL_LogMessage y
SDL_LogMessageV n
SDL_LogResetPriorities y
SDL_LogSetAllPriority y
SDL_LogSetOutputFunction n
SDL_LogSetPriority y
SDL_LogVerbose y
SDL_LogWarn y
SDL_LowerBlit y
SDL_LowerBlitScaled y
SDL_MasksToPixelFormatEnum y
SDL_MaximizeWindow y
SDL_MinimizeWindow y
SDL_MixAudio n
SDL_MixAudioFormat n
SDL_MostSignificantBitIndex32 n
SDL_MouseIsHaptic n
SDL_NumHaptics n
SDL_NumJoysticks y
SDL_OpenAudio n
SDL_OpenAudioDevice n
SDL_PauseAudio n
SDL_PauseAudioDevice n
SDL_PeepEvents n
SDL_PixelFormatEnumToMasks y
SDL_PointInRect n
SDL_PollEvent y
SDL_PumpEvents n
SDL_PushEvent n
SDL_QueryTexture y
SDL_QueueAudio n
SDL_Quit y
SDL_QuitRequested n
SDL_QuitSubSystem y
SDL_RWFromConstMem n
SDL_RWFromFile n
SDL_RWFromMem n
SDL_RWclose n
SDL_RWread n
SDL_RWseek n
SDL_RWsize n
SDL_RWtell n
SDL_RWwrite n
SDL_RaiseWindow y
SDL_ReadBE16 n
SDL_ReadBE32 n
SDL_ReadBE64 n
SDL_ReadLE16 n
SDL_ReadLE32 n
SDL_ReadLE64 n
SDL_RecordGesture n
SDL_RectEmpty n
SDL_RectEquals n
SDL_RegisterEvents n
SDL_RemoveTimer n
SDL_RenderClear y
SDL_RenderCopy y
SDL_RenderCopyEx y
SDL_RenderDrawLine y
SDL_RenderDrawLines y
SDL_RenderDrawPoint y
SDL_RenderDrawPoints y
SDL_RenderDrawRect y
SDL_RenderDrawRects y
SDL_RenderFillRect y
SDL_RenderFillRects y
SDL_RenderGetClipRect y
SDL_RenderGetD3D9Device n
SDL_RenderGetLogicalSize y
SDL_RenderGetScale y
SDL_RenderGetViewport y
SDL_RenderIsClipEnabled n
SDL_RenderPresent y
SDL_RenderReadPixels n
SDL_RenderSetClipRect y
SDL_RenderSetLogicalSize y
SDL_RenderSetScale y
SDL_RenderSetViewport y
SDL_RenderTargetSupported y
SDL_ResetAssertionReport n
SDL_RestoreWindow y
SDL_SaveAllDollarTemplates n
SDL_SaveDollarTemplate n
SDL_SemPost n
SDL_SemTryWait n
SDL_SemValue n
SDL_SemWait n
SDL_SemWaitTimeout n
SDL_SetAssertionHandler n
SDL_SetClipRect y
SDL_SetClipboardText y
SDL_SetColorKey y
SDL_SetCursor n
SDL_SetError y
SDL_SetEventFilter n
SDL_SetHint y
SDL_SetHintWithPriority y
SDL_SetMainReady n
SDL_SetModState y
SDL_SetPaletteColors n
SDL_SetPixelFormatPalette n
SDL_SetRelativeMouseMode y
SDL_SetRenderDrawBlendMode y
SDL_SetRenderDrawColor y
SDL_SetRenderTarget y
SDL_SetSurfaceAlphaMod y
SDL_SetSurfaceBlendMode y
SDL_SetSurfaceColorMod y
SDL_SetSurfacePalette n
SDL_SetSurfaceRLE y
SDL_SetTextInputRect y
SDL_SetTextureAlphaMod y
SDL_SetTextureBlendMode y
SDL_SetTextureColorMod y
SDL_SetThreadPriority n
SDL_SetWindowBordered n
SDL_SetWindowBrightness y
SDL_SetWindowData y
SDL_SetWindowDisplayMode y
SDL_SetWindowFullscreen y
SDL_SetWindowGammaRamp y
SDL_SetWindowGrab y
SDL_SetWindowHitTest n
SDL_SetWindowIcon y
SDL_SetWindowMaximumSize y
SDL_SetWindowMinimumSize y
SDL_SetWindowPosition y
SDL_SetWindowSize y
SDL_SetWindowTitle y
SDL_ShowCursor n
SDL_ShowMessageBox n
SDL_ShowSimpleMessageBox n
SDL_ShowWindow y
SDL_StartTextInput y
SDL_StopTextInput y
SDL_Swap16 n
SDL_Swap32 n
SDL_Swap64 n
SDL_SwapBE16 n
SDL_SwapBE32 n
SDL_SwapBE64 n
SDL_SwapFloat n
SDL_SwapFloatBE n
SDL_SwapFloatLE n
SDL_SwapLE16 n
SDL_SwapLE32 n
SDL_SwapLE64 n
SDL_TLSCreate n
SDL_ThreadID n
SDL_TriggerBreakpoint n
SDL_TryLockMutex n
SDL_UnionRect n
SDL_UnloadObject y
SDL_UnlockAudio n
SDL_UnlockAudioDevice n
SDL_UnlockMutex n
SDL_UnlockSurface y
SDL_UnlockTexture y
SDL_UpdateTexture n
SDL_UpdateWindowSurface n
SDL_UpdateWindowSurfaceRects y
SDL_UpdateYUVTexture n
SDL_VideoInit y
SDL_VideoQuit y
SDL_WaitEvent n
SDL_WaitEventTimeout n
SDL_WaitThread n
SDL_WarpMouseGlobal y
SDL_WarpMouseInWindow y
SDL_WasInit y
SDL_WinRTRunApp n
SDL_WriteBE16 n
SDL_WriteBE32 n
SDL_WriteBE64 n
SDL_WriteLE16 n
SDL_WriteLE32 n
SDL_WriteLE64 n
SDL_acos n
SDL_assert n
SDL_assert_paranoid n
SDL_assert_release n