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from import Sequence
def pairwise(iterable):
Given an iterable, yield the items in it in pairs. For instance:
list(pairwise([1,2,3,4])) == [(1,2), (3,4)]
x = iter(iterable)
return zip(x, x)
class DiscreteSimulation:
def __init__(self, population_size, mutation_mask, crossover_mask,
selection_function, elite_size,
initial_generator, fitness_function):
self.population_size = population_size
self.mutation_mask = mutation_mask
self.crossover_mask = crossover_mask
self.selection_function = selection_function
self.elite_size = elite_size
self.initial_generator = initial_generator
self.fitness_function = fitness_function
self.parents_per_selection = population_size - elite_size
def parents(self, scored_population):
Given a scored population, use the selection function to find parents
return self.selection_function(
def find_scores(self, population):
Created a scored population, which is a list of (score, member) pairs,
from a population.
for member in population:
yield self.fitness_function(member), member
def initial_population(self):
Create an initial populaton
return [self.initial_generator() for _ in
def step_generator(self, population):
Run a whole genetic step on a scored population, and yield the new
population members
# Score and sort population
scored_population = sorted(self.find_scores(population), reverse=True,
key=lambda member: member[0])
# Yield the elite elements
yield from scored_population[:self.elite_size]
# Generate parents
for parent1, parent2 in pairwise(self.parents(scored_population)):
# crossover parents
mask = self.crossover_mask(parent1.total_length())
for child in parent1.combine(parent2, mask):
# mutate
yield child.mutate(self.mutation_mask(child.total_length()))
def step(self, population):
Run a genetic step on a population and return the new population as a
return list(self.step_generator(population))