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A game developed for the Global Game Jam 2018!

🔩 Build and Run

This is a Unity project, so simply open the project from Unity and build it. The project is setup under Unity 2017.3.0 Windows, other versions might work, but are not officially supported!. Linux users might try this build.

💼 Branch Workflow


The development branch (or branches related to it) contains all active work.


The master branch contains all work that is production-ready. Before anything can be merged into master, it must be approved by a pull-request!

🎮 Unity Workflow

Within the Scenes folder, there is space for an ignored KlootScenes folder. This folder is for you to mess around with on your own, the folder is never commited such that you do not need to worry about merge conflicts.

Keep in mind: merge conflicts are truly avoided by proper communication!

Installing and running Elixir for the server code:

The server code is contained in te snappy_server folder.

To install Elixir, I recommend using the asdf version manager.

You'll need Erlang, Elixir and nodejs.

asdf plugin-add erlang
asdf plugin-add elixir
asdf plugin-add nodejs

# If problems during installing Erlang, install these packages first:
asdf install erlang 20.1
asdf global erlang 20.1

asdf install elixir 1.5.2
asdf global elixir 1.5.2

asdf install nodejs 9.4.0
asdf global nodejs 9.4.0

Then, go to the snappy_server folder and run mix deps.get to install the Elixir dependencies.

Then, go to the snappy_server/assets folder, and install the nodejs dependencies using npm install.

Then, you can start the server from snapp_server by typing mix phx.server.

While running this in your terminal, start the game in Unity. It will attempt to connect at (for now) port 8002.

The web-view for on phones can (for now) be seen at port 4000.