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Releases: LucvandenBrand/Stacking-Sand

Stacking Sand with Bill Bigsby v1.0.0

27 May 13:32
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Stacking Sand with Bill Bigsby is a simple Open-Source Tetris clone with a few twists.
First, your main goal is to earn money. Different kind of blocks have different values, and you can create these blocks through heat and pressure.
Second, the game has as story that progresses based on the number of points scored.
The game's theme is loosely inspired by 19th century America and its famous gold-rushes.

⬇️ Downloads

Currently only Linux is supported, although building for Mac or Windows should be doable as the sources are depending only on the cross-platform SDL library and can be compiled using the support of a CMake file.


Attached you will find a debian package named stacking-sand.deb, which will make installing the game easy on Debian systems. After installing, you should be able to simply type stacking-sand in your terminal and launch the game! Other linux distributions can use the included, which includes the binaries and data files.

💻 Screenshots

Title screen
Gameplay screen