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LucyBot Starter API Console

This is the default build for LucyBot's API Documentation. It can be used in non-commercial projects, or for demo purposes.

Check out the Pet Store demo

Commercial licenses and additional features are available at


Simply fork this repository and replace openapi.json with your OpenAPI specification.

git clone
cp /path/to/my/openapi.json documentation-starter/openapi.json

Have RAML, WADL, API Blueprint, or I/O Docs? Check out api-spec-converter


You can serve the website with any static HTTP server.

e.g. with http-server

npm install -g http-server
http-server ./documentation-starter

or with PHP:

php -S -t ./documentation-starter

The easiest way to serve the documentation publicly is with GitHub pages: in your fork, visit the Settings page, and choose "master branch" as the source in the GitHub Pages section. You can also set a custom domain there.

You can also serve this directory with Apache, NodeJS Express, etc.


Title and Description

The API title and description are controlled by the info field in openapi.json. You can use Markdown in the description.


You can use your own Bootstrap theme to customize colors, fonts, sizes, and more. Just replace dist/bootstrap.css with your own bootstrap.css

You can generate a bootstrap.css file using:


The full commercial version offers several additional features:

  • Additional Markdown/HTML sections
  • Custom navbar and footer
  • Custom homepage
  • Event tracking
  • SEO (<meta> and <title> tags, sitemap.xml)
  • User authentication
  • Galleries for multiple APIs

For a full list of features available see


Creative Commons 4.0 - Non-commercial

For a commercial license, contact us