Submitting Feedback

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All bugs should be submitted to GitHub.

Please look over the list first to make sure your issue isn’t listed.

If your issue or suggestion is listed, you can vote for it by clicking the small triangle in the lower left-hand corner of the line your issue is on. Issues with more votes let developers know what people are most interested in seeing worked on first.

Important info you should include

  • The version you are running (Please look it up in the WoWPro.toc file or the in game config menu, don’t just say “the latest”)
  • The version of TomTom if the bug may relate to it
  • The guide (zone and level) you are using.
  • The exact title of the objective (usually quest name) and the type (accept, complete, turnin, run…)
  • What you were doing when the bug occurred
  • If you can, get a screenshot if the error is something that can be shown through one. Provide a link to your screenshot in the issue report.
  • If it produced an error message, please copy and paste it into the issue report.

Collaborators: Using Labels

Bug Lets us know that the issue is a bug. These will get the highest priority from developers.
Bug – Guide File A bug specifically with an error in a guide file, not in the addon itself. People with less programming knowledge can help with these.
Request If you have an idea for a feature, but haven’t run it by Jiyambi yet, this is the label to use. Tentative features, anything we aren’t sure we’re going to add but have been asked for.
Feature Features that are approved by Jiyambi and are planed for future updates.
Module Modules that haven’t been added yet will have an open issue for people to leave comments in.
Version Number Make sure to label any bugs that don’t have this. Added features can also be labeled with a version number to note when they were added.
Resolved Indicates a feature or bug has been added or fixed in the current commit but is not yet in the release
Closed Indicates the feature or bug is added/fixed in the release version
Guide Edit Used to “check out” a guide file to edit it.

Collaborators: Closing Issues

If you are reasonably sure an issue has been fixed, in the release version, then you may close out a ticket. Go ahead and leave it open but with the Closed label if you aren’t sure.

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