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NASA Iced Challenge
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####Locating and Identifying Viable Asteroids This system was created by 5 students as a response to the NASA EPIC Challenge.

######The Problem The beginning of the problem is the desire to mine asteroids for resources such as metals. More specifically, the system was designed to detect water content in asteroids. This system was created to solve the problem of determining potential water content in asteroids.

######The System This system determines potential water content based on magnetic permeability of a given asteroid. A correlation can be drawn between the magnetic permeability and the water content of an asteroid. As such, the system has Magnetic Permeability Assesment Units (MPAUs) that can be cheaply launched at asteroids to gain readings of the magnetic permeability. The MPAU then sends the data wirelessly back to a receiver. This receiver then processes the information to determine potential water content. A visual application was constructed using Java and interfaced with the Arduino through a COMM port. Data visualization was done through this application.

####The Team Nina Arcot - Researcher

Daniel Gu - Engineer

Justin Shetty - Engineer

Evan Shi - Engineer

Brendan Horng - Programmer

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