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Source code for the CHI2021 paper Scrappy: Using Scrap Material as Infill to Make Fabrication More Sustainable DOI:

Server side installation

Using a Linux system for the server could simplify some installation steps.

  1. Install libigl here.
  2. Add the libigl_for_matryoshka extension to your libigl installation (Copy the folder contents into the libigl base folder).
  3. Install Matlab (R2017a).
  4. Adjust the Matlab_ROOT_DIR variable in FindLIBIGL.cmake with the path to matlab.
In: server/matryoshka/cmake/FindLIBIGL.cmake

set(Matlab_ROOT_DIR "/path/to/matlab")
  1. Adjust the contFilePath variable in matryoshkaModular.cpp with the path to scrapLibrary/contFiles/.
In: server/matryoshka/matryoshkaModular.cpp, line 236

contFilePath = "/path/to/scrappyLibrary/contFiles/" [...]
  1. Build the matryoshka project.
cd server/matryoshka
mkdir Release
cd Release
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..
make -j8
  1. Install venv.
  2. Start the django server.
cd server/server
source bin/activate
cd django/scrappy
python runserver
  1. Adjust IP and run a server for a client IP.
In: server/server/, lines 15 and 19
Adjust IP address to match clients

cd server/server
source bin/activate

Client side installation

  1. Install Fusion360.
  2. Install Blender 2.9 here.
  3. Add Scrappy add-in to Fusion360.
Fusion360 -> Tools -> ADD-INNS --> Add-Inns --> Click the + sign to add existing add-in
Choose folder: client/Fusion360/ScrappyAdd-In
  1. Adjust IP to match server IP in
In: client/Fusion360/ScrappyAdd-In/, line 56
Adjust IP to matcher server IP
  1. In Fusion360, run the add-in.
  2. Show the scrapLibrary panel from the Tools panel to start using Scrappy.
  3. Install node.js.
  4. Start the kiri:moto slicer .
cd client/grid-apps/
npm i
npm start
  1. Open Kiri:Moto to use the slicer.


  1. Ensure ports 46337-46998 and 47101-47557 are open.


Please email ludwigwall(at) if you have any questions.


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