Scala macro debugger demo
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Scala macro debugger demo


  1. Showing of synthetic source code of files containing macro calls
  2. Debugging of the synthetic code (all the features - stepping, local variables, etc.)
  3. Gutter markers for macro calls

A short screencast, which shows the features in action:

How to use:

  1. Install the latest version of Intellij IDEA (both Ultimate and Community editions work with the macro debugger).

  2. Add scala.macro.debug.enabled=true to bin/ in the IDEA's install dir.

  3. Install the Scala plugin using Settings -> Plugins. Macro debugger is bundled with the official Scala plugin for IDEA, so you don't need to download additional software.

  4. Clone this repository and open it in IDEA using File -> Open... on the directory of the checkout.

  5. If you've not yet configured JDK 1.6 in IDEA, do that.

  6. Everything's set up - now you can compile the demo project, set some breakpoints and try out the debugger!