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@LuigiBlood LuigiBlood released this Sep 23, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release

Zelda 64 - Dawn & Dusk Version 2.0 release.
See for more information on the expansion and its development.

This version incorporates many bugfixes, and quality of life changes, taking into account a lot of feedback (thank you very much!). This time it is also emulator friendly, by making the ROM compressed alongside a fix for emulation.

Some maps have been modified to be less tedious, sometimes a bit easier, and some changes prevent the use of some exploits such as the infinite heart container and the door despawn to access the final moments of the mod.

This release contains the following in Assets:

  • Standalone ROM Patches (
  • Development Disk (
  • Japan Region Disk (
  • American Region Disk (

Download the appropriate file you want to use. <-- CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW TO PATCH THE ROM / HOW TO USE THE DISK IMAGE

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