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Request a review without leaving the app in Fuse
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What is this?

Request a review from your users without leaving the app. Exposes Apple's requestReview(). Written in Swift and implemented using Foreign code.

How do I use it?

var Environment = require("FuseJS/Environment");
var Review = require("ReviewModule");

requestReview() only works for iOS 10.3 or greater so we need to parse the systemVersion.

var OS = parseFloat(Environment.mobileOSVersion);

After that just check the OS and go

if(Environment.ios && OS >= 10.3){ Review.requestReview() };


alt text

Important Notes:

  • iOS 10.3 or greater required.
  • While developing requestReview() will always work, however, when you release the app this will change. The function will only fire if the user has spent some time in the app. You can't just fire it at start, that won't work.
  • This does not work while distribuiting through Testflight.
  • More tips on how to use here
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