Google Analytics data exporting library for NodeJS
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Google Analytics

Pull data from Google Analytics for use in projects.

The library maintains tracking of the token so that you don't have to and will push the token around with your requests. Should you require a different token, just create a new GA instance. However, this is asynchronous through eventing so if you do want the token you can latch onto the event.

  • Updated for NodeJS 0.6.x *


var ga = require('googleanalytics') 
,util = require('util'); 

var GA = new ga.GA();
GA.login(function(err, token) {
       var options = {
	     'ids': 'ga:<profileid>',
     'start-date': '2010-09-01',
     'end-date': '2010-09-30',
     'dimensions': 'ga:pagePath',
     'metrics': 'ga:pageviews',
     'sort': '-ga:pagePath'
       GA.get(options, function(err, entries) {

Rudimentary API

  • login([callback]) - The callback is optional. However, if it is given, it is added to the token event.
  • get(options, callback)

Event API

  • token(err, token)
  • entries(err, entries)

Entry API

  • metrics[]
  • dimensions[]

Each array contains objects. These objects contain the following:

  • name - The name of the metric or dimension requested
  • value - The value associated. If the value is a Number, it is parsed for you. Otherwise, it will be a string.


see license file


Node.js™ is an official trademark of Joyent. This module is not formally related to or endorsed by the official Joyent Node.js open source or commercial project