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💧❄️ Front-end Hydro Snowflake Dashboard for the Coupon Marketplace described in the the following bounty: v1.0.0 completed!
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Snowflake Dashboard

Build Status

This is a demo frontend for the Snowflake identity protocol written in React. It utilizes the web3-react library. For more information on Snowflake, please refer to the white paper.

Visit the live dashboard.

Adding Your Resolver To the Dashboard

  1. Create a smart contract on Rinkeby that appropriately inherits from the canonical SnowflakeResolver contract. For examples, see here. In order to be accepted to the dashboard, your smart contract source code must be verified on Etherscan.
  2. Note the checksummed address of your smart contract and make a folder with this name in src/components/resolvers/Rinkeby.
  3. Create an index.js file in the folder.
  4. This file should export the following exports:
    • default: A React Component wrapped in React.lazy. This component will receive a user's EIN in the props as ein.
      • export default lazy(() => import('./ResolverComponent')).
    • extraDataComponent: An optional React Component wrapped in React.lazy. This component will receive a user's EIN in the props as ein and a function sendExtraData. This function should be called with the bytes argument to be passed to your resolver on sign-up.
      • export default lazy(() => import('./ExtraDataComponent')).
    • ABI: The ABI of your contract.
    • logo: A 256x256 png logo for your resolver.
    • requiredAllowance: An optional HYDRO amount a user must set as their initial allowance for your resolver on sign-up.


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