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🍃 Mint is a minimal header-only C++ test runner.
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Mint is a minimal header-only C++ test runner.


A CMakeLists.txt file has been added for simple linking with CMake. For more on this, check the examples/ directory.


Using Mint is intentionally simple. The basic flow of a test program using Mint:

  1. Initialize a Mint object.
  2. Call assertions.
  3. Return with end() to clean-up and return with status code.


#include <mint/mint.h>

int main() {

    //Declare and intialize Mint
    Mint m;

    //Title test
    m.title("Testing Integer Equality");

    m.equal(10, 10, "integers of same value are equal");

    //Finish tests, and return exit code
    return m.end();


Documentation can be found by checking the docs/ directory.

Expected output

Output for the above test:

  Testing Integer Equality
  ✓ integers of same value are equal

SUCCESS! All tests (1) passing with no tests failing. Returned with exit code "0".

A snippet from a seperate test:

  Testing Assertions
  ✓ number equality
  ✗ number inequality
    FAIL: Expected "4", found: "1"
  ✓ true
  ✗ false
    FAIL: false is false
  ✓ throws caught from throwing function
  ✗ throws not caught from non-throwing function
    FAIL: willNotThrow() failed to throw (function did not throw)

FAIL! 3 tests failing with 3 tests passing. Returned with exit code "1".


Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
Open an issue, make a pull request!

Or, you can email me at:

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